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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1846

92301. Who discovered that plants have life?

92302. Choose the correct combination?

92303. The credit of developing the polio vaccine goes to?

92304. Who invented zip-fastener?

92305. Who invented the pneumatic tyre?

92306. Who invented the Doctor's thermometer?

92307. Which of the following Indian states does not have a common boundary with Myanmar (Burma)?

92308. The telescope was invented by?

92309. Who discovered circulation of blood in the human body?

92310. Penicillin was invented by?

92311. Who defined the law of gravitation?

92312. Who invented the ball-point pen?

92313. According to the Greek accounts, the discovery of the monsoons is attributed to?

92314. Who produced the first automobile?

92315. Which one of the following scientists made Nylon?

92316. Who invented Revolver?

92317. The only scientist who obtained patents for maximum number of his inventions is?

92318. Who invented the Propeller?

92319. Who invented motor cycle?

92320. The discoverer of Raman Effect was?

92321. Superconductivity was first discovered in the year?

92322. Consider the following inventions in the textile industry: I. Spinning Jenny II. Power Loom III. Water Frame Iv. Cotton Gin, The correct chronological sequence of these inventions is?

92323. Who invented the crossword puzzle?

92324. Who invented the electronic computer?

92325. Who invented Cresco-graph?

92326. Who invented the machine-gun?

92327. Who invented air-conditioner?

92328. When was the transistor invented?

92329. Who invented wire?

92330. Who invented anti-toxins?

92331. Who invented watch?

92332. Who invented the photography (on film)?

92333. Movie Projector was mainly due to the work of?

92334. Who discovered a nuclear particle boson?

92335. Who invented Washing Machine?

92336. Who invented super computer?

92337. Who discovered Neon Gas?

92338. Which one of the following scientists is credited with the successful production of the first 'Cloned Sheep"?

92339. Life Boat was first made by?

92340. Who invented Sextant?

92341. Who invented the first Self Winding Wrist Watch?

92342. The last Buddhist empire in India was that of :?

92343. Who invented Deuterium?

92344. Who invented Lightning Conductor?

92345. Loudspeaker was invented by?

92346. Who discovered Meson?

92347. Rutherford is the scientist noted for?

92348. Who invented Barometer?

92349. Who invented the bicycle?

92350. Who invented Neon-lamp?

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