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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1845

92251. Who wrote 'Man and Superman'?

92252. Who wrote the greatest monologue in English literature?

92253. Who wrote 'I follow the Mahatma'?

92254. Who wrote ‘Adonis'?

92255. Who Wrote 'Born Free'?

92256. Who Wrote 'The Financial Expert'?

92257. Who Was the famous Hebrew poet?

92258. Who translated the ‘Arabian Nights' into English?

92259. Who was the Father of English Literature?

92260. Who wrote 'The Psalm of Life'?

92261. Who Wrote 'In Memoriam'?

92262. Who wrote the 'Essays in Criticism'?

92263. The controversial Novel "The Satanic Verses" is authored by?

92264. Who is called the 'Grand Old man of Poetry' in English?

92265. Who wrote 'Don Juan'?

92266. Who was called the sportsman poet?

92267. Who wrote a book using 50, 000 words but the syllable E was not at all used?

92268. Who published Communist Manifesto?

92269. Who wrote diaries?

92270. 'The History of John Bull' was written by?

92271. Who authored 'Mansfield Park'?

92272. Who wrote the first five books (The Law) of the Old Testament?

92273. Who wrote 'The Lady's Dressing Room'?

92274. Who is the founder of Journalism?

92275. Which poet praised Shakespeare?

92276. Who wrote the "Essay Concerning Human Understanding"?

92277. Who is the first foreign coach of Indian Cricket team?

92278. 17th SAARC summit was held in?

92279. Who invented the decimal notation in arithmetic?

92280. Mark the wrong combination?

92281. Who invented the steam locomotive?

92282. Funk discovered?

92283. Who among the following described protoplasm as the physical basis of life?

92284. Logarithm table was invented by?

92285. The electron was first identified by?

92286. Who among the following evolved the concept of relationship between mass and energy?

92287. Robert Koch worked on?

92288. Blaise Pascal is associated with?

92289. The scientist who first discovered that the earth revolves round the sun was?

92290. Which of the following is the correct combination of the inventors and the inventions?

92291. What was discovered by Alfred Nobel's father?

92292. Who proposed the chemical evolution of Life?

92293. Zero was invented by?

92294. Oxygen was discovered by?

92295. Wright Brothers are regarded inventors of the?

92296. The velocity of light was first measured by?

92297. The first attempt in printing was made in England by?

92298. Open heart surgery was pioneered by?

92299. Who among the following is associated with the invention of computers?

92300. Who was the surgeon who pioneered antiseptic surgery in 1865?

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