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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1848

92401. Who invented Carburettor?

92402. Who is the inventor of Disc Brake?

92403. Who invented Slide Rule?

92404. Who invented LSD?

92405. Who discovered Selenium?

92406. What did Klaproth invent?

92407. Who introduced electromagnetic induction?

92408. 'Landstorm' invented?

92409. Who discovered Plastic?

92410. 'Telegraphic code' was introduced by?

92411. The credit of inventing the cardiac pacemaker goes to?

92412. Cardiologist Dr. Paul zoll invented?

92413. Who invented Ball point pen?

92414. Who was the first American woman to patent her invention, a method of weaving straw with silk?

92415. Where is the Central Rice Research Institute situated?

92416. Walter Fredick Morrison who died recently is famous for which invention?

92417. Ornithology is the?

92418. Philology is the?

92419. Ecology deals with?

92420. Epidemiology is the study of?

92421. Meteorology is the science of?

92422. Anatomy is the branch of science which deals with?

92423. Eugenics is the study of?

92424. The study of nervous system is?

92425. Entomology deals with?

92426. Numismatics is the study of?

92427. Study of earthquakes is known as?

92428. Oncology is the study of?

92429. What is Ophiology?

92430. What is Arboriculture?

92431. What is Bionics?

92432. What is Conchology?

92433. What is Demography?

92434. What is Etymology?

92435. What is Exobiology?

92436. What is Pteridology?

92437. What is Palaeobotany?

92438. What is Phrenology?

92439. What is Theology?

92440. What is Sinology?

92441. The branch of physics which deals with measurements oflight is called?

92442. What is Ethnology?

92443. What is odontology?

92444. What is Otology?

92445. What is Radiology?

92446. What is Hydrography?

92447. :What is therapeutics?

92448. The study of old age, its phenomena and disease is known as?

92449. What is cytology?

92450. What does phycology deal with?

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