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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2167

108351. Dharana means

108352. Concentration lays a strong foundation for

108353. Climax of Yoga means

108354. Shavasaha means asanas with

108355. Puraka means

108356. Surya Bhedana - principle of

108357. ................ increase the efficiency of learning in schools by applying psychological knowledge.

108358. ................. established the first psychological laboratory at university of Leipzig

108359. ................. approach emphasizes the importance of observing activities of people and animals.

108360. Learning, Memory, Thinking are emphasized in the

108361. Values of the Dependent variable is represented in

108362. The author of "The Principles of Psychology' is

108363. Study of Nervous System and its functions is called

108364. The definition by ............ indicates that educational psychology is a study of "teaching and learing".

108365. Strengthening of a response by following it with a pleasurable consequence

108366. The term that comes closest to 'Motivational State' is

108367. Children learn by copying the behavior of their parents and other important people who serve as models

108368. Constant and consistent advertising makes the brand more popular among consumers

108369. Stimulating selective demand within a product category is known as

108370. Self verification is the desire to be perceived by others in a way that is consistent with our

108371. The degree of shared social experience that exist between two people is

108372. Ingratiation focuses on making a person seem more likable, ............... is designed to make a person seem more competent.

108373. Motives that have several important functions for guiding behavior is known as

108374. Unconscious feelings held toward others are consciously expressed as opposites in

108375. How difficult the innovation is to understand and use

108376. Consumer tests or tries the product to determine its utility

108377. One who knows inside and outside the group

108378. People who are able in a given situation exert personal influence are known as

108379. Therapist - controlled exposure to the imagined re-creation of a complex, high intensity, fear arousing situation

108380. Fear of strangers is also known as

108381. Trembling, shaking or secreating are often seen in

108382. Nervousness, Jitteriness, Tension, Dizziness are symptoms seen in

108383. Avoidant and dependent patients require

108384. Physiological reaction to chronic stressors is explained by Hans Selye as

108385. Interactions between Internal and External components of stress are known as

108386. The field that studies the relationships between psychosocial factors, nervous and Immunological systems is known as

108387. Cognitive appraisal of Transactions with reference to stress is defined by

108388. Frustration provokes

108389. Study of Drugs and Behavior is called

108390. Truancy as a behaviour problem is related to the ................. life of a student.

108391. This stage of personality development period starts from six years in the case of girls and seven to eight years in the case of boys

108392. Rewards received from the environment surrounding the context of the work

108393. The term topology was borrowed by ............ from the field of mathematics.

108394. Removal of a reinforcer to reduce the frequency of a particular responses is known as

108395. An organization's ............ practices determines who gets hired.

108396. Effective organizations de-emphasize hierarchial authority and control. This is referred to as

108397. .............. refers to one's willingness to exert high level of effort toward organizational goals, conditioned by the effort's ability to satisfy some individual need.

108398. Giving special consideration when rating others to those qualities that the evaluator perceives in himself or herself

108399. OD effects to change attitudes, stereotypes and perceptions that groups have of each other is called

108400. People's tendency to perpetuate their psychological disturbance is explained in REBT as

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