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108301. Participation reinforcer for employees in a work setting is

108302. The opportunity to engage in a behaviour that has a high probability of occuring can be used to reinforce a behaviour that has a lower probability of occuring. This principle was formulated by

108303. A behaviour that is accidently followed by reinforcement may be strenthened. This is called

108304. Systematic desensitization is developed by

108305. Behaviour modification technique is based on the basic principle of

108306. ............ helps a person to stand for his rights without violating that of others.

108307. Match the following A with B : A B a) Openness 1. Rude b) Conscientiousness 2. Reserved c) Extraversion 3. Unreliable d) Agreeableness 4. Conventional

108308. Match the following : A B a) Structure of personality 1. Pleasure principle b) Psychoanalysis 2. Need hierarchy c) Id 3. Three components d) Maslow 4. Unconscious

108309. Alfred Adler recognizes the importance of

108310. The philosophy of client-centred therapy is based on

108311. The basic model of ANOVA states that a given score is a sum of certain components each due to the effect of a particular identifiable source of variation and it is called

108312. When 'F' is significant further testing is done using ............... test.

108313. When both the independent and dependent variables are .............. (or) .................... scale measures, product moment correlation can be used to test hypothesis.

108314. The most important contemporary development in psychological testing is

108315. The co-efficient of equivalence can be computed as an index of

108316. .................. indicates the proportion of the examinees that marked the item correctly.

108317. The value of the discrimination index can range from

108318. A list identifying each student, family, (or) elector in the study population is called

108319. The width of the interval is calculated by ............. in a systematic sample.

108320. In ............... sampling, we have no guarantee that each elemetn has some chance of being included in the study

108321. Characteristics of the population (the population mean) (population SD) and2 (the population variance) are referred to as

108322. Customers selected on the basis of life stages income levels to study buying patterns represent

108323. Controlling extraneous variables by holding them leads to more sensitive experiments with less external validity

108324. ............... is an important technique for randomly assigning subjects to groups because it produces groups that are of equal size while controlling for time related variables.

108325. .............. occurs when the effect of one independent variable differs depending on the level of a second independent variable.

108326. ................ psychology was advanced in the late 1990 by Seligman during his term as president of American Psychological Association.

108327. These tests are based on the assumption of normality

108328. In .................... subjects are first divided into groups, such that within each group the subjects are relatively homogeneous in respect to some selected variable.

108329. Edwards Personal Preference Schedule consists of

108330. Myer-Briggs Type Indicator which is based on the ideas of assesses ................ main personality dimensions

108331. Kelley assessed personality by accepting a person's words at face value, by having the person write a self characterization sketch and by the REP test which is expanded as

108332. Prediction of probable outcome is called

108333. Categories defined by certain configurations of two or more traits or attributes is called

108334. The two subscales of T-Anger measure

108335. Anxiety, Anger, Hostility, Depression, Self-consciousness, Impulsiveness and Vulnerability are characteristics of

108336. Relatively simple highly cost effective and fairly reliable method of describing or evaluating a Person

108337. The most famous criterion - keyed inventory of personality constructed by S.R. Hathaway and Mc Kinley was

108338. Health psychology is based on the concept of

108339. Acquiescence refers to

108340. The expansion of WAIS is

108341. Fitting new experiences into preexisting mental structures

108342. Speed and accuracy of performing arithemetical computations

108343. A ................ defines and dominates one's personality and behaviour.

108344. Consciousness is made up of

108345. അവർണർക്കും വേദാന്തം പഠിക്കാം എന്ന് സ്ഥാപിച്ച ചട്ടമ്പിസ്വാമി കളുടെ കൃതി? [Avarnarkkum vedaantham padtikkaam ennu sthaapiccha chattampisvaami kalude kruthi?]

108346. Ego is said to obey the

108347. Kurt Lewin's term for the total psychological field is called

108348. An event is always the result of an interaction between two or more facts

108349. The term 'idographic' means

108350. Yama means

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