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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2165

108251. While taking measurement using vernier callipers, zero error is always ____ from measured length

108252. In P-type semiconductors, conduction of electricity is due to

108253. SI unit of thermal conductivity is

108254. A transistor cannot be used as

108255. When a body is deformed, the elastic potential energy of the body is equal to

108256. Electric current induced within conductors by a changing magnetic field in the conductor, which flow in closed loops within conductors, is known as

108257. A Hartley Oscillator is used for generating

108258. Neap tides has_________ amplitude

108259. The critical electric field strength in Pulsed Electric Field processing for cell wallrupture of E. coli should be

108260. When an imitator observes the model and experiences the models behaviour and its consequences vicariously

108261. ................ Counselling and pupil counselling in severe cases may help to a go a long way in improving the discipline problems and the classroom climate.

108262. The individuals belief that he or she is capable of performing a task

108263. Exaggeration of facts, influencing the pass, Exciting emotion and sentiment are

108264. In desentization process a person is made to ............... so that the fear is inhibited.

108265. It is a client centured counselling style designed to get people to work through whatever ambivalence they may be experiencing about changing their health behavior

108266. This concept indicates that all differ from one another, in one way or the other, in so many aspects

108267. The technique used through a series a steps to reduce fear and anxiety is called

108268. ................ is a technique in which people attempt to create the impression of moral superiority and integrity

108269. A means of self presentation which consists of creating the impression that one is needy, weak and dependent

108270. Zuckerman suggested that high sensation seekers are ego centrically

108271. Deciding the size and nature of market is called

108272. Satisfaction of psychological desires are known as

108273. Most decisions are made by both husband and wife is known as

108274. One or more individuals will secure information relased to the possible purchase

108275. Paranoia is a

108276. Slowed movements, reduction of voluntary movements, Inability to initiate, are signs of

108277. Unrealistic thoughts of being loved by a celebrity or a high status person is a symptom of

108278. Body's fear response is coordinated by a small structure deep inside the brain

108279. Locus Coeruleus in the brain structure and norepinephrine are responsible for

108280. An important determinant of the practice of health behavior is a sense of

108281. Potential contribution of Oxytocin to stress response is to act as an inputs for

108282. The following concept challenges the concept that is given by Selye (GAS)

108283. Physical and mental health benefits of social support are chiefly evident during periods of high street

108284. .................. is a central force that drives the whole machinery of the teaching-learning process.

108285. These tests are meant for the purpose of knowing one's potential

108286. The term homeostasis was coined by

108287. This need involves the desire for strength, achievement, adquacy, mastery and competence

108288. Emotional abuse and rejection leading to anxious and fearful attachment patterns in temperamentally inhibited children exhibit

108289. A sequence of positions occupied by a person during the course of a life time

108290. Group whose individual efforts result in a performance that is greater than the sum of those individual inputs

108291. Pay systems and promotion policies perceived by employees as being just, unambiguous and in line with their expectations

108292. "All things considered, how satisfied are you with your job"? - Individuals respond to one question

108293. Each party of the conflict gives up something of value

108294. Drawing sweeping conclusion based on only one incident is

108295. REBT challenges the irrational belief and help to ............... the thinking pattern.

108296. Imagining and believing that the worst thing can and will happen is

108297. Irrational beliefs are ............... beliefs.

108298. Bio feedback is used to manage

108299. 'Reality Testing' is the technique adopted in

108300. The hypothetical structure introduced in cognitive therapy that allows filtering unwanted information is called

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