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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2164

108201. Which one of the following contributes maximum shares in power generation

108202. Seismic waves are recorded with the help of an instrument known as

108203. What force would be needed to produce an acceleration of 1 ms -2 on a ball of mass 1 Kg

108204. X- rays were invented by

108205. The least count of vernier callipers is

108206. One a. m. u is equal to

108207. An Instrument used for enlargement and reduction of maps with accuracy is

108208. A particle motion is given by distance - time curve as shown in the figure. The maximum instanteneou

108209. Frequency density corresponding to a class interval is the ratio of

108210. The upper limit of classes intervals is required when we consider the formations of

108211. A car accelerates on a horizontal road due to the force exerted by

108212. The area under the force - displacement curve gives

108213. In which of the following pairs of temperature scales the size of the degree is identical ?

108214. In the diesel engine, engine power and speed are controlled by

108215. The spray cone angle in pintle nozzle is generally

108216. The specific gravity of diesel is

108217. Gas lighterrs work on the bsic principle of

108218. In the extraction of iron from its Haematite ore, the flux added aid gangue formed respectively are

108219. The property of attraction or repulsion between charged bodies is used in

108220. The Velocity of Sound is

108221. The dimensions of the ratio of density to the modulus of electricty are

108222. Energy flow in an eco system is

108223. A rocket 100 m long at rest starts to move with uniform motion of 0.8 C. What is its length as seen by an observer at rest

108224. The deviation of the charge distribution of a nucleus from spherical symmetry can be estimated by measuring its

108225. In an election 30 PERC of the voters voted for candidate A where as 60 PERC of the remaining voted for candidate B. The remaining voters did not vote. If the difference between those who voted for candidate A and those who did not vote was 1200, how many were eligible for casting vote in that election

108226. In an electro chemical cell, there is the conversion of :

108227. The distance of stars from earth is expressed generally interms of

108228. Which of the following is not a physical change

108229. The ability of metal to be drawn into thin wires is known as

108230. What is the maximum resistance which can be made using five resistors each of 1/5 ?

108231. Which of the following is not a natural resource

108232. Red light is used for danger signal as

108233. The function of heavy water in a nuclear reactor is to

108234. The velocity at which the flow changes from laminar to turbulent for the case of a given liquid at a given temperature and in a given pipe, is known as :

108235. What is the SI unit of absolute permittivity of a medium ?

108236. Which of the following is a cycle consisting of one constant pressure, one constant volume and two isentropic processes ?

108237. The curve traced by ,1 point moving on a plane in one direction, towards a fixed point while also moving around that point is called ?

108238. In amplitude modulation :

108239. Electric current in a metal wire is due to the flow of:

108240. The emitter of a transistor is generally doped the heaviest because it:

108241. A bullet of mass A and velocity B is fired into a block of wood of mass C. It loss of any mas and friction be neglected, what is the end velocity of the system

108242. Which of the following is an intensive property of a thermodynamic system

108243. A transformer does not change the following

108244. The property of the liquid surface film to exert a tension so that even small loads can be supported over it is known as

108245. Safety of electric appliances and wiring is ensured by

108246. The thickness of a light gauge sheet steel carl be best checked with

108247. A man getting down a running bus falls forward because

108248. A virtual image larger than the object can be obtained by

108249. A Voltmeter is

108250. The surveying instrument which is used for rapid measurements ot distance to target, which operates electronically or electro-optically and measures distance indirectly, is

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