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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2168

108401. In thought restructuring the client is asked, what would be the worst thing that may happen. This is known as

108402. Cognitive therapy focuses on the ............. that lead to Maladative behaviour.

108403. In escape conditioning procedure the likelihood of behaviour is

108404. A conditioned reinforcer that is paired with a single back up reinforcer is called a

108405. Unprogrammed reinforcers that occur in the normal course of everyday living are called

108406. If a reinforcer is presented at a particular time, irrespective of the preceding behaviour we say that the reinforcer is

108407. Erikson's theory of psychosocial development is based on

108408. Roger's theory is popularly known as

108409. Existential therapy emphasizes

108410. ............ focuses only on the current problems.

108411. Field theory is one of the basic principles propogated in

108412. Rational Emotive Behaviour Theapy (REBT) was founded by

108413. Phi coefficient is computed between two variables where neither of them is available in a continuous measure and both of them are expressed in the form of

108414. The variation (or) difference between the predicted value (or) scores and the observed values (or) scores is termed as the error in

108415. ................... correlation can be used as a special statistical technique for eliminating the effects of one or more variables on the dependent variable.

108416. When the requirements of parametric test are not met and the data are atleast ............. the ............. test is used as an alternative to 't' test.

108417. Regression lines study the .................. relationship between two variables.

108418. ............. is an underlying dimension that account for several observed variables.

108419. ........... method is used to compute the coefficient of correlation between 2 sets of scores achieved by individuals with positions of merit in possession of certain characteristics.

108420. .............. is concerned with the stability of the test score and does not go beyond the test.

108421. ................. validity is evaluated by showing how well the test scores correspond to already accepted measure of performance made at the same time.

108422. The purpose of item ........... is to increase the measurement efficiency of a test by eliminating unsatisfactory items.

108423. Whenever a criterion measure is available at the time of testing, the ............... validity of the test can be determined.

108424. ............. is the proportion of the 'true' variance to the total obtained variance of the data yielded by the measuring instrument.

108425. The formula for calculating the Harper's Facility Index (FI) is

108426. Histing of all the elements in the population from which the sample is drawn

108427. The ability to generalize from a sample to the population depends critically on the ............ of the sample.

108428. The greater the sample size, the more accurate will be the estimate of the ......... mean

108429. The other name of lottery method is known as

108430. .............. is the basic technique of probability sampling.

108431. The technical term ............... is used when we design the study minimising the effects of extraneous independent variables.

108432. A concept which can take on different quantitative values is called a

108433. Age is an example for

108434. The differen conditions under which experimental and control groups are put are usually referred to as

108435. Eysenck (1947) felt that general Neuroticism could be divided into two groups, one is Neurotically maladjusted and the other

108436. When Respondents mark the words and phrases in a list that apply to themselves or to someone else ............... is being employed.

108437. ACL stands for

108438. Guilford - Zimmerman temperament survey was designed based on

108439. Rotters Incomplete Sentence Blank is a

108440. Jackson personality Inventory - R is scored on

108441. The Internal versus external locus of control was measured by

108442. Holtzman Inkblot Test was developed in response to the

108443. Sampling frame is the list of the members of the

108444. The assessment that is usually less obvious in intent and therefore presumably less subject to faking and response sets

108445. Career Assessment Inventory was modeled after

108446. Name as many uses as you can think of a paper clip

108447. Torrance Test of creative Thinking consists of

108448. Test that assess aptitude for operating computers

108449. Memory that holds information received from the sensory register for upto 30 seconds

108450. Memory which makes use of Language is called

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