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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2569

128451. The basic sources of hospital statistical information is:

128452. In MRD the last step in the work flow pattern is the

128453. A MRD head is a

128454. The medical records are regards as the property of

128455. Legibility of record means

128456. The hospital can submit the original record only to the

128457. Regular review of statistics are important to

128458. The census is always taken in a hospital at--------of each day

128459. Inpatient service day is also known as

128460. Completeness of Medical records means

128461. Entries that have been erased should be-------For legal value of record

128462. MRO can release informations upon

128463. Personal data in the medical record is owned by

128464. Criminal cases are the following except

128465. A document that requires a person to appear at the designated place at the designated time is termed

128466. The party who commences a lawsult is the

128467. The patient whose life is threatened and who is comatose is assumed to give what kind of consent for life sustaining treatment

128468. All of the following might be a problem associated with an authorization to release information except

128469. A unit of measure denoting the service received by one inpatient in one 24 hour period is called

128470. The daily analysis of hospital service is based on

128471. An active medical record is

128472. A card with replaces the MR in the file when the record is removed for use elsewhere in the hospital is

128473. Charting of care in the patient’s record is the responsibility of

128474. An addendum is----

128475. Gossiping between the doctors about the patient is-----

128476. Oral orders and orders over the telephone to nurses should be entered in the physician’s orders and countersigned by------------within --------hours

128477. Special consent is not for

128478. When two or more person agree upon the samw thing in the same sense,they are said to -------

128479. LAMA is:

128480. Biopsy is:

128481. Preoperative checklist form is filled by

128482. Responsibility for designing medical record forms is delegated to the hospital

128483. Electronic health records are

128484. Demographic information includes

128485. Hump-back is

128486. Ex-votos means

128487. Who discovered the circulation of blood

128488. Chemotherapy means

128489. In middle digit filling system the primary number in 446589 is

128490. In the middle digit filing system the record 874406 is filed before

128491. Unit numbering system provides

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