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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2570

128501. In which numbering system the removal of inactive records is not easy

128502. In unit-----serial numbering system,when order records are brought forward --------must be left in the fliling area where the old chart has been pulled

128503. One of the most important tool in the MRD

128504. ----------plays an important role in good team work

128505. A note of pertinent findings should be recorded on the patient’s record within---hours prior to the operation

128506. Quality assurance includes all of the following except

128507. Medical care evaluation focuses on

128508. Policies help in

128509. A -----is a plan in numerical terms

128510. The right of a supervisor to issue commands is

128511. Dail task list is-----

128512. Daily task is not a

128513. Which management function measures and correct work performance

128514. Evaluating the quality and validity of information recorded is the responsibility of

128515. Bed day is

128516. The daily inpatient census is the number of inpatients presents at the census taking time each day,plus

128517. The fetal death is indicated by

128518. A unit of measure denoting the services received by an inpatient during one 24 hr period is------------

128519. The disease or injury which initiated the train of morbid events leading directly to death or the circumstances of the accident or violence which produced the fatal injury

128520. In the month of May,there were 21 deaths.Total of 650 patients were discharged(including deaths).Then the hospital death rate for May was

128521. If the patient is not in a position to give written consent to release information from his/her record,then who will do the same

128522. A patient can give a written consent only if he/she is-------------

128523. If a patient has a primary diagnosis of alcoholism,which of the following information items may be released without his consent

128524. The right to authorize release of information from the medical records of a deceased person rests with the

128525. A written patient authorization should contain all of the following except

128526. Medical record information might be considered to fall into all the following categories except

128527. Upon receipt of a subpoena duces tecum,which of the following should be removed from the medical recor

128528. In determining the length of stay,a 24 hr leave of absence is

128529. The index cards are arranged

128530. The greatest resource a medical record department director has is.

128531. The major elements in maintaining quality assurance programme are

128532. Utilisation review was conducted by

128533. Four major management functions are

128534. ----------------shows past expenditure of each department

128535. Which was not a special register

128536. In management departmentalization and coordinate is coming under

128537. Inhalation therapy is under the professional supervision of

128538. ----------of work performance are used to control the work performed in departments

128539. Assembling of medical record

128540. Efficient organization and management of the medical record department are import factors in the ---------of health care facilities.

128541. Health information or patient care information or patient care information,commonly known as

128542. Accessibility off record means

128543. Length of stay is

128544. In May there were 4,280 inpatient service days(excluding newborn babies)recordeThen the average daily census is

128545. Recorded information in Medical Record is

128546. The physician –patient privilege belongs to

128547. When preparing a medical record in response to a subpoena duces tecum,all of the following should be done except

128548. Refusing to honour a subpoena can result in

128549. What is the customary method of classifying a fetal death

128550. One of the major problems in comparing statistics reported by different hospital is

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