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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2568

128401. Homeopathy originated in?

128402. Who is the founder of ‘Granth Sala Sangh’ and KANFED in Kerala?

128403. I prefer coffee ......... tea.?

128404. Which crop is known as the ‘Gold of the wasteland’?

128405. Who is the first Indian to win the Miss. Universe?

128406. Korea is occupied by Japan in the year .........?

128407. ......... is the headquarter of Universal Postal Union.?

128408. Who, amongst the following personages of ancinet India, was not connected with the ancient system of medicine?

128409. The first receipient of Jawahar Lal Nehru award was?

128410. The Home Rule Movement started by Annie Besant aimed at?

128411. He has been sitting here ......... the last five hours.?

128412. December 10 is regarded as a red letter day for the whole world because it is the?

128413. The word ‘Mesopotamia’ means?

128414. Comrades! Soldiers! Let us over battle cry be. To Delhi! To Delhi!” The above slogan was given by?

128415. What is condesation?

128416. For which work did G. Sankara Kurup win the Jnanpith Award?

128417. The famous painting of Michael Angelo which is exhibited in the Sistine Chapel Rome?

128418. The term ‘carat’ is used to express the purity of gold. The purest form of gold is?

128419. Swimming in sea water is easy or difficult?

128420. The fruit trees are generally propagated by?

128421. Rajesh is 5 years older than Suresh. Raju is 3 years older than Suresh. If the age of Suresh is half of that of Rajesh, What is the age of Raju?

128422. The Seventh Five-Year Plan of India commenced in?

128423. Who is the first Indian to win an Oscar in the techanical category?

128424. The country with the highest life expectancy.?

128425. The slave trade in Travancore was abolished in the year .....?

128426. The presidents rule was imposed for the second time in Kerala?

128427. Which is the investigation agency of Finland?

128428. I repent ......... my quarrel with you .?

128429. Which article of the constitution disqualify the holders of ‘office of profit’ from being the member of Parliament?

128430. Which Sports Association of India lifted the ban from its players foreign tours?

128431. Radioisotope used in the treatment of cancer is?

128432. Devices that let the computer communicate with you called?

128433. Who is the recipient of the Dada Saheb Phalke Award at the 57th National Film Award?

128434. Which among the following is known as ‘Cricket Bible’?

128435. India is not a member of ............?

128436. The green colour of water in a lake is due to?

128437. Where is the fat stored in our body?

128438. Editing a document consists of reading through the document you’ve created then?

128439. The United Nations University is located at?

128440. Oranges are rich source of?

128441. Largest stock exchange in India?

128442. Which agreement was called as ‘The last victory of a little sparrow’?

128443. Which state has the maximum number of people living below the poverty line?

128444. A refrigerator is?

128445. The nucleus of a hydrogen atom consists of?

128446. Which of the following craftsmanship was not practised by the Aryans?

128447. The speaker ......... talking for an hour, in spite of the audience being impatient.?

128448. Use the correct tense forms. I would rather you......... home now.?

128449. English as a media of education was introduced in India in?

128450. Chennai Head Post Office is the name of?

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