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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2725

136251. If you work hard,you----------

136252. He does his work------

136253. Of his two daughters Tessy is the ----------

136254. Choose the correct spelt word:

136255. Fill in the blanks with suitable preposition:I have been staying here-------

136256. Fill in the blanks with suitable article:----college has -------new look

136257. Choose the correct meaning of the following word:Celebrity

136258. Write the synonym of the word:‘Fragrance’

136259. Choose the antonym of the word:‘rigid’

136260. Choose the opposite of the word given below:‘quest’

136261. Select the word or phrase which is nearest in meaning to the following word:‘agenda’

136262. Choose the correct word to replace the phrase given below:Having the power to know everything

136263. Fill in the blanks with the correct forms of verbs.Raju enjoys----------the drama of Shakespeare

136264. Some accidents---------by rash driving

136265. Fill in the blanks with suitable tense forms of the verbs.The managing Director is away on tour.He----------to London

136266. The earth---------around the sun

136267. Children ----------afraid of snakes

136268. Fill in the blanks with correct reported speech.Rani asked the girl---------

136269. Fill in the blanks with suitable question tags.Children play football--------?

136270. Meena danced well,-------?

136271. Find out suitable one word for the following:One who believers in God

136272. A child whose father is dead:

136273. Find the synonym of the word’Manifest’”

136274. The antonym of ‘adapt’ is---------

136275. Add a prefix to get the opposite meaning of the word ‘Grace’.

136276. The meaning of the underlined idiom is-----------“Everything was at sixes and sevens when I entered the house”

136277. ------------is the word which mean ‘Natural ability’

136278. A place where birds are kept is called---------

136279. The plural of calf is--------

136280. The word with the correct spelling is --------

136281. Replace the word in bold letters with the right phrase given below:“I cannot Recollect that incident”

136282. Pick out the singular form from the given words:

136283. ”Help me to do this work”is an example of:

136284. The passive form of “The secretary garlanded the chief guest”is----

136285. Beggar said to Ramu,”Give some water”.The reported form of the above sentence is--------

136286. Rewrite the sentence using the correct article.I shall finish my work in-------hour.

136287. Use the appropriate question tag for the sentence given below:They live in the town,--------?

136288. There was a big crowd------the market.Use the correct proposition.

136289. This is the --------news.Use the correct adjective

136290. The word which means ‘innocent’is:

136291. Pick out the correct sentence

136292. Have you --------money on you?

136293. When I arrived at the school,the bell-----

136294. If it rains,we------the game

136295. She had a passion-------dance

136296. My mother asked me---------I had not finished the work

136297. Choose the correct one word for the underlined part:He is in debts because of his habit of spending money wastefully

136298. The umbrella is

136299. The opposite of borrow is:

136300. The word which has the same meaning of “prominence”is

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