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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2726

136301. --------Cricket is my favourite pass time

136302. Which one has the correct spelling?

136303. They neglected the teacher’s

136304. Criticism of other religions ------------hatred and violence among Indians

136305. A duke’s wife is known as

136306. I cannot----------what he is saying

136307. Either the students or their teacher------------come

136308. One of his two sons Reghu is the -------

136309. --------novel that you gave me is very interesting

136310. -------he borrow the money yesterday?

136311. Iam not late,------I?

136312. Business has now become very dog eat dog.Choose the meaning for the idiom ‘dog eat dog’.

136313. Hundred dollars--------a high price to pay

136314. Mr.John--------letters every day.

136315. What is the comparative form of the adjective ‘bad’

136316. Tom received rich--------for his recitation

136317. ”We were enchanted by him”Choose the active voice of the sentence

136318. Prince-Princess:Duke------

136319. Children hardly ever speak English,-----?

136320. Write the plural form of the compound word’son in law’

136321. Choose the word with correct spelling

136322. One of the Pupils--------selected for the competition

136323. The postman—lives in the village is very ol

136324. Sam is very good—Mathematics

136325. Choose the meaning of the Latin word’Viva voce’

136326. A student who stays away from school without telling his/her parents

136327. Teacher said to Jack:”Don’t be late again tomorrow”.Choose the suitable sentence in indirect speech

136328. Mrs.Nalini-her children to be truthful

136329. Pick out the Word which is not a synonym of”enormous”

136330. If the computer --------on,he would send emails

136331. You’d better-----in time

136332. When did guruvayoor Satyagraha occurred?

136333. While enlarging his picture Babu wants to maintain the clarify?Which of the following software can help him?

136334. Power of a lens is 10 D,its/focal length is

136335. ---------is an application that you can use to create geometric figures,measure length and angles and continuously change the figure

136336. Which substance has the presence of three atoms in its molecule?

136337. Which of the following has a Lt.Governor?

136338. Which of the following is not the organ of a Government?

136339. The states in India were reorganized largely on linguisitic basis in the year:

136340. Which of the following latitude is the longest?

136341. The planet with the shortest year is:

136342. In which year Swadeshabhimani Ramakrishna pilla was excited?

136343. Who gave leadership to Malayalee Memorial?

136344. Who made temple entry proclamation?

136345. The first Thermal plant in Kerala:

136346. The highest peak in the world

136347. Find out the head quarter of Konkan Railway

136348. Which is the first airport built in India with Public Participation?

136349. In which State Hindustan Steel Limited situated?

136350. Leading producer of Sugarcane in India:

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