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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2727

136351. State with the highest sex ratio:

136352. The planet having the temperature to sustain water in three forms:

136353. Which of the following is not included in the basic need of the people?

136354. A system by which money is mobilized from investors through for investing in shares and other assets like debentures,real estates,gold etc,are called:

136355. Which is the capital of Andaman and Nicobar Islands?

136356. Where did the Konark temple situated

136357. In which Taluk the famous National Park silent Valley situated

136358. The word”Handicap”is associated with which game?

136359. Which was the Head Quarters of European Space Agency?

136360. The Canal which connects Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Ocean:

136361. Where is St.Anjalose Fort Situated?

136362. The science which studies fruits?

136363. The members of the Raja Sabha are:

136364. Which was the first state formed on linguistic basis?

136365. According to the Indian Constitution the Money Bill can be introduced in:

136366. Who among the following Indians was the president of the international Court of Justice at Hague?

136367. Gujarat is the largest producer of Salt in India because:

136368. Sindri is famous for:

136369. Which is the mountain between Black Sea and Caspian Sea?

136370. The deficiency of Vitamin E results in:

136371. The number of triangles with any three of the length 1,4,6 and 8 cms,as sides is:

136372. The name of the traveler who came in the time of Krishna Deva Raya was:

136373. The war between India and China took place in:

136374. Which historical figure was known as’Man of Destiny’?

136375. If the surface of water in a lake is just going to freeze,then the temperature of water at the bottom is:

136376. Name the “Tropical Paradise”in India:

136377. Which is known as”Third Pole”?

136378. The Northern most point of India:

136379. Who wrote the Book”Malayala Bhasha Charitram”?

136380. Where did the conference of the parties to the conversion on biological diversity held?

136381. Which month is most suited for Everest mounteneering?

136382. Which of the following is used to delete a single character to the left of the insertion point?

136383. After mail merging,how many documents does Word create:

136384. What is the shape of the mouse pointer when drawing a table?

136385. If I wanted to take a paragraph and use it in another place also,what word would best describe that?

136386. Which of the following is the default template file in MS Word?

136387. Which of the following is an automated procedure for sequence of commands or keyboard strokes that can be stored and then recalled with a single command or keyboard stroke?

136388. Which tab on the Ribbon displays the Header and Footer commands?

136389. Which dialog box is used to change the starting page number

136390. What is the first step to copy and paste text?

136391. Which of the following is not a tab in the Page Setup dialog box?

136392. Which of the following inserts a picture from a file?

136393. Which of the following is used to locate a word with similar meaning?

136394. Which feature corrects commonly misspelled words as you type text?

136395. What does a red,wavy line under text represent?

136396. Which of the following is not to apply character formatting?

136397. The shortcut Key for changing lower case letters to upper case letter is:

136398. Measurement Unit of font is:

136399. Which command is used to reverse the action of the Undo command?

136400. Which of the following can be used access Menu?

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