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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2755

137751. In which shortcut key used to undo the document?

137752. A peripheral which is used to accept data and send it to processing unit is called

137753. Recently deleted files are stored in

137754. Identify the missing term in the series:VFB,-,PHG,MIK,JJP

137755. Which is the oldest fold mountain ranges in India?

137756. The most populated state of India

137757. Who is the first Vice Chairman of Planning Commission?

137758. The leader of Swadesi Movement who is known as ‘Kappalottiya Tamilan’in Tamil Nadu

137759. The young Bengal Movement was founded by

137760. Bhagat singh,Rajguru and Sukhdev were hanged to death by British Government on

137761. The Vernacular Press Act which curbed the freedom of press was enacted by

137762. The name of the river in the Kerala which was called ‘Baris’in ancient times

137763. Who started the first coir factory in Alapuzha in 1859?

137764. Captain William keeling,the representative of English East India Company came to kerala in

137765. The Social Reformer of Kerala who was nicknamed as’Lincoln of Kerala’

137766. Who was the author of the book ‘Darasanamala’?

137767. Blessed Kuriakose Elias Chavara was born in which district of Kerala

137768. Mannath Padmanabhan founded the Nair service society in

137769. The winners of 2016 Asian Champions Hockey Tournament

137770. The newly elected U.N.Secretary General Antonio Gutterez belongs to which country

137771. Who got the Ezhuthachan prize of 2016?

137772. The declaration of Prime Minister Narendra Modi making 500 and 1000 rupee notes invalid was on

137773. Who is the present Reserve Bank Governor of India?

137774. What are the fundamental responsibilities of a nurse?

137775. An ulcer which takes time to heal is known as

137776. ’Ashchyotana’(Eye Drops)with oil is done during

137777. How should be a patient posted for ‘Vasthi’positioned?

137778. ’Jeevanam’is the function of which ‘Dhatu’

137779. Which artery has to be auscultated while measuring blood pressure?

137780. Fever in a patient undergoing ‘Snehapana’indicates

137781. What kind of diet will you prefer after ‘Virechana’in an alcoholic patient?

137782. ’Shamana Chikitsa’is of how many types

137783. Diseases which can be cured by surgery are grouped under

137784. ’Pratisarana’is indicated in

137785. ’Vrana Bandhana’should be removed and replaced after how many days?

137786. Mode of cooking food(Fry,Boil,Et(c))in included under which ‘Ahara Kalpana’

137787. In ‘Ksheera Paka’,drug,milk and water are taken in the ratio of

137788. Amount of food consumed should ideally fill

137789. Type of bandage done on fingers

137790. ’Kashaya Kalpana’can be prepared from Dravyas of all Rasa’except

137791. Which is not mentioned as the causative factor of ‘Rajayakshma’?

137792. Which medicine is applied on the site of Agni Dagdha’?

137793. After ‘Uttams Shodhana’,Peyadi karma should be followed for how many days

137794. ’Vasthi Netra’of which length would you choose for a 25 year old patient

137795. ’Ayurveda’has how many branches

137796. Respiratory rate is assessed while assessing

137797. Hot water is contraindicated after ‘Snehapana’using

137798. ’Patra Potala Sweda’is an example of

137799. Diet preferred for a patient under going ‘Vardhamana Pippali’Rasayana

137800. ’Krikatika’is an example of which ‘Marma’

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