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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2756

137801. Which among the following is not a part of ‘Dinacharya’?

137802. ’Pinda’,Rasakiya’and ‘Churna’are the types of

137803. Nasya is classified into how many types

137804. Below ‘Nabhi’-is the seat of which dosha

137805. Which urine sample should be collected for laboratory examination?

137806. Which all procedures are contraindicated for an obese(Sthula)person?

137807. Which is not a part of ‘Dasavidha Pareeksha’?

137808. Which are the ‘Trimarmas’?

137809. After giving ‘Marsa Nasya’which procedure is done

137810. ’Netra Seka’is indicated during

137811. During rainy season which type of diet would you opt for ‘Swastha’

137812. Expiry date of ‘Balarishta manufactured on January 2010 will be

137813. Time of administering medicine in a ‘Kasa Rogi’is

137814. IN which ‘Ritu’body strength is at its minimum?

137815. ’DPT’vaccination is given for

137816. Which is the best among ‘Murdha Thalia’?

137817. A 12 year old girl suffering from ‘kushta’is

137818. ’Karna Shodhini Yantra’is an example of:

137819. Total number of ‘Kashaya Vasthi’s’in ‘Yoga Vasti’are

137820. Which Prakriti’is ‘Rajo-Guna’predominant?

137821. ’Apaka Shunata’(Apaka Shopha)is a feature of

137822. Which is a type of ‘Anagni Sweda’?

137823. Virechana Dravya can be given in the stage of

137824. Type of ahara given on the previous day of vamana

137825. Which among the below can be assessed by ‘Darsana Pareksha’?

137826. In a patient with allergic disease which parameter will be increased

137827. ’Dhooma Pana’is contraindicated in

137828. Following ‘Jalowkavacharana’(Leeching),would is dressed with

137829. ’Graha Chikitsa’deals with

137830. Main Complication of ‘Pandu Roga’is

137831. ’Vamana’should be done till the appearance of

137832. Factors which increases ‘Medas,Mutra and Kapha’leads to

137833. ’Twak’is the sthana of which dosha

137834. Application of medicinal paste over the eyelids is known as

137835. ’Shuchitwa’is a common property of

137836. ’Uttama Sneha Matra’gets digested within

137837. ’Budhj’-intelligence is the function of

137838. Time for giving ‘Virechana Dravya’

137839. Which rasa pacifies (Kshaya)both vata and pitta?

137840. Length of Dhumanetra used for ‘Snehana’

137841. In a ‘Shiro Rogi’karna poorana should be done for

137842. ’Manasika Rogas’are caused by the vitiation of

137843. Lepana applied over an area over insect bite should be

137844. Skin eruptions occurring after ‘Vamana Karma’indicates

137845. ”Hridaya Spandana’and ‘Twak Rokshya’are the features of

137846. ’Bala’obtained by exercise is known as

137847. ’Navya Karma’should not be done for those who are below the age of

137848. Auxillary body temperature differs from oral temperature by

137849. During hot climate ‘Sneha Karma’should be done during

137850. Which are the types of Lang hana’?

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