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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2757

137851. Watching mobile phone in a dark room is an example of

137852. Which one is an example of communicable diseases?

137853. Which rasa is contra indicated in ‘Shopha’?

137854. Which day is observed as Alzheimers Day?

137855. The boundary between the U.S.A and Canada is:

137856. The winner of Ranji Trophy Cricket tournament of 2014 is:

137857. Rashtriya Indian Military college is situates in:

137858. Who is the ruler of an Indian State at the time of emergency under Article 356?

137859. The tomb of Akbar is in:

137860. In India coins are minted from four centres.Which of the following is not a centre of minting?

137861. Mrinalini Sarabhai is famous as an artist of:

137862. ’The Indian Rail’is:

137863. In Bangladesh river Ganges is known as:

137864. Find the odd man:

137865. The mother tongue of Nagaland is:

137866. The Saka Era began during the reign of:

137867. FIFA Ballon d’Or award of 2014 was given to:

137868. ’Lakh Bakhsh’ was the popular name of:

137869. Timur invaded India during the reign of:

137870. The capital of Sathavahana empire was:

137871. ’Gidda’ is the folk dance of:

137872. The number of players in a baseball match is:

137873. The Indus city Kalibangan is situated in:

137874. The Mahayana sect of Buddhism preached their doctrines in:

137875. The least densely populated country in the world is:

137876. ’Eldorado’is the imaginary land envisioned by:

137877. The Roman deity ‘Mars’was the goddess of:

137878. The ancient town Sarnath is in modern:

137879. The permanent settlement was introduced by:

137880. The Grant Trunk Road connected Delhi with:

137881. During the 1857 Revolt,Nana Saheb led the rebellion at:

137882. ’Gadar’was a weekly newspaper started by:

137883. The All Indian Muslim League was founded in:

137884. The right of separate electorate for Muslims was provided by:

137885. The ‘Quit India’ Resolution was passed in the Congress session held at:

137886. The Indian National Army(I.N.A)was formed in:

137887. In the interim government formed in 1946,John Mathai was the minister for:

137888. The capital of India was shifted from Calcutta to Delhi in the year:

137889. ’The Indian Struggle’is written by:

137890. The first Vice President of India is:

137891. Buland Darwaza is the gate at:

137892. The largest library in IndiThe National Library is located in:

137893. During dehydration,the substance that the body usually loses is:

137894. The planet nearest to the earth is:

137895. Amjad Ali Khan is the famous instrumentalist:

137896. The first law minister of the independent India is:

137897. The aspect of ‘Fundamental duties’of Indian constitution is taken from the constitution of:

137898. The first Indian Governor of Reserve BanK of India is:

137899. The currency of New Zealand is:

137900. Main spring and carriage is connected with:

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