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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2758

137901. File extension of word document:

137902. The shortcut command of ‘save’in word:

137903. Master key in Typewriter:

137904. How many dogs are in Typewriter:

137905. Word processing package allow users to:

137906. The stencil sheet is placed in the:

137907. Which type of files cannot be navigated using Clipart browser of office 2000?

137908. Dropcap is placed in-menu.

137909. In which year@selected for its use in e-mail addresses:

137910. The Typewriter with 80 to 100 degree are called:

137911. Data arranged in sequential order is called:

137912. Font sizes not supported by word:

137913. The length of ribbon used in a standard typewriter:

137914. Buffer spring is found in :

137915. What is gutter margin?

137916. Portrait and Landscape are

137917. In word,the mailing list is known as:

137918. Which of the following is on odd one?

137919. Which is known as Dead-key in Malayalam Typewriter?

137920. Forming of letters in irregular line with uneven space is called:

137921. Which of the following is graphical solution for word processor?

137922. When Drop caps are used in a document?

137923. Which of the following are not belongs to browser software?

137924. How many kinds of cylinders are available for typewriter?

137925. Which of the following is not a cursor control input device?

137926. A typewriter can be identified by:

137927. The unique No.given to each computer in the internet:

137928. A programme used to access a resource provided by a server”

137929. Laser printer was first introduced by:

137930. What is the smallest width of a column?

137931. Which of the following command is not available in Tools menu?

137932. From which menu you can insert Header and Footer:

137933. Thesaurus tool in MS Word used for:

137934. Which finger is used for pressing shift key?

137935. Letters sent from Govt.Secretariat are called:

137936. Giving various effects to a document is called:

137937. Computers in the same room can be connected by using:

137938. RAM is a------memory

137939. Computer is a machine without:

137940. Home keys are provided in the row of a typewriter.

137941. Which finger used for striking space bar?

137942. The upper portion of the typewriter which moves while typing is:

137943. Push button is also known as:

137944. Which is the default alignment in word?

137945. Malayalam Typewriter keys designed by:

137946. About copies obtained from a good stencil

137947. Which of the following is used for creating presentations?

137948. T’s shape is changed in the following example by using one commanWhich is that command?This is the example for this question.Not for any other question.You should mind only the command for this question.How we can perform this style by using that command?

137949. Simply 22+0101 all divided by 401

137950. The sum of two numbers is 44 and they are in the ratio 5:6 Find the numbers:

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