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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 468

23401. The major constituent of laminate of safety glass, which holds the broken glass, pieces in their places during accident (and thus minimises the danger from flying glass fragments) is

23402. Polyhexamethylene adipimide is also known as

23403. The decibel is measure of

23404. __________ is normally used for the manufacture of refrigerator components and transistor parts.

23405. Plasticisers are high boiling liquids added to plastic polymers to impart toughness and flexibility at ordinary temperature. Which of the following is not a plasticiser ?

23406. Non-sinusoidal waveforms are made up of

23407. Poly tetra flouro ethylene (PTFE) is known as

23408. Thermosetting resins/polymers as compared to thermoplastic ones are

23409. The generic chemical name for the class of polymers which are commerically known as nylons is

23410. Polycondensation reaction of polymerisation

23411. Acrilan fibres used for making cloth, carpet & blankets, which is a hard, horny & high melting polymeric material is nothing but

23412. Which of the following is a polymer of hexamethylene diamine and adipic acid ?

23413. Chain growth polymerisation is a process, in which the monomers are added in a chain fashion, and it requires an initiator to produce the free radical. An example of chain growth polymerisation products is

23414. There are no transients in pure resistive circuits because they

23415. Which of the following natural bio polymers are formed as a result of polymerisation of amino-acids ?

23416. Nylon-66 is manufactured from

23417. Thermosplastic materials

23418. Polyvinyl acetate is never used for making

23419. Typical solvent polymerisation reaction conditions for the production of high density polythene by Zeigler process is

23420. Vulcanisation of rubber does not increase its

23421. In nylon-6, the number 6 represents the total number of

23422. Cellulose content in bomboo fibre is about __________ percent.

23423. In step growth polymerisation, generally only one type of reaction & some basic mechanism is involved. Step growth polymerisation reaction is not involved in the manufacture of

23424. Which of the following has the weakest intermolecular forces ?

23425. Properties of a polymer is affected by the

23426. In condensation polymerisation as compared to addition polymerisation

23427. In a linear polymer, the monomeric units are linked together to form long straight chains. The cross linked or branched chain polymers compared to linear polymers have higher

23428. Which type of M.C.B.is used in air conditioners?

23429. Which type of the extinguisher is used on electrical fire?

23430. Styrene butadiene rubber (SBR) is never used for making

23431. Cross linked polymers are

23432. Silicone resins, which are highly water repellant and has good heat resistance can not be used

23433. Nichrome is widely used for

23434. Which of the following rubbers has the widest service temperature range (-75 to 275°C) ?

23435. Nylon-66 compared to nylon-6 has

23436. Scouring is a finishing operation during the manufacture of fibre, which aims at __________ of fibres.

23437. Synthetic rubber

23438. Melamine formaldehyde resin which has a very high anti tacking properties, is not used for the

23439. In a co-polymer, the repeating units contain two different monomers. Which of the following is a copolymer ?

23440. Cation exchange resins used in water treatment is made from __________ resin.

23441. Size range of polymer molecules varies from __________ metre.

23442. Which of the following is generally not drawn into fibre ?

23443. Condensation polymerisation of caprolac-tum is carried out in the reactor maintained at a temperature of __________ °C for producing nylon-6.

23444. Which of the following is not a natural polymer ?

23445. In case of wet spinning of polymers, the polymer solution is forced through spinnerates into, a coagulating bath to give a filament form. Wet spinning is not used in case of the __________ fibres.

23446. Melt spinning of polymers involves the forcing of polymer melt through spinnerettes (fine holes) into an atmosphere kept at a temperature lower than the melting point of the polymer, which causes the fine diameter polymer melt to harden into filaments. Melt spinning is not used in case of the __________ fibres.

23447. Identify the group in which all the polymers mentioned can be used to make fibres.

23448. Molecular weights of plastics ranges from

23449. Non sulphonated hard bakelites are not used for making

23450. Value of one kilowatt-hour is

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