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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 551

27551. In flow, the liquid particles may possess

27552. Euler's equation for the motion of liquids assumes that

27553. The height of water level in a tank above the centre of a circular hole 2.5 cm in diameter is 50 m. The velocity of water flowing through the hole, is

27554. A steady uniform flow is through

27555. With increase in cut-off ratio,the thermal efficiency of a Diesel cycle having fixed compression ratio will:

27556. Mach number is the ratio of inertia force to

27557. ‘Love in the time of Cholera’ has been written by?

27558. The main assumption of Bernoulli's equation is :

27559. With which sports the term ‘Bishop’ is associated?

27560. Put on your coat, if you ........., you will catch a cold.?

27561. The length of pipe is L, velocity of flow of a liquid in the pipe is V. If t is the time in second required to close the valve, the head of pressure

27562. For critical depth of flow of water in open channels, fc the specific energy must be :

27563. Kinematic viscosity of liquids by equation is determined by :

27564. If the forces are due to inertia and gravity, and frictional resistance plays only a minor role, the design of the channels is made by comparing

27565. The discharge over a Cipolletti weir of length 2.185 m when the head over the weir is 1 m, is

27566. The velocity of the fluid particle at the centre of the pipe section, is

27567. Due to decrease of diameter of the droplet, inside pressure intensity

27568. In order to avoid capillary correction, the minimum diameter of a manometer used for measuring pressure, should be

27569. When water flows over a rectangular suppressed weir, the negative pressure created beneath the nappe

27570. Barometres are used to measure

27571. For most economical rectangular section of a channel, the depth is kept

27572. In a centrifugual pump casing, the flow of water leaving the impeller, is

27573. In fluids, steady flow occurs when

27574. A cylinder 3 m in diameter and 4 m long retains water one side as shown in the below figure. If the weight of the cylinder is 2000 kgf, the vertical reaction at A is

27575. From a nozzle exposed to atmosphere, the liquid jet traverses

27576. To avoid the force of surface tension in an inclined manometer, the minimum angle of inclination is

27577. An orifice is taken as large if

27578. A closed cylindrical vessel of 100 cm diameter and 200 cm high is completely filled with a liquid (sp. weight 1600 kg/m3) when rotated about its vertical axis at 100 r.p.m. The total pressure on its lid, is

27579. For exerting a pressure of 4.8 kg/cm2, the depth of oil (specific gravity 0.8), should be

27580. A cylindrical vessel 40 cm high is revolved about its vertical axis so that the water touches the bottom when it just spills out. If the radius of the cylinder is 5 cm, the angular velocity of rotation, is

27581. For the flow of liquid from an open ended tube (or nozzle) leading to the formation of spray of liquid drops, the number generally applied, is

27582. In Newton's viscosity equation , the coefficient (μ) is known as coefficient of

27583. An error of 1% in measuring the head of water over the crest of a triangular notch, produces an error in the discharge which is equal to

27584. The lens used for correcting long sight is?

27585. Dimensions of the dynamic viscosity (μ) are

27586. To avoid vapourisation, pipe lines are laid over the ridge so that these are above the hydraulic gradient line, not more than

27587. A jet projected at an angle of 45θ, 40 m from the foot of a vertical column, just reaches the top of the column. The height of the column is

27588. If Cv, Cc, Cd and Cr are the hydraulic coefficients of an orifice, then

27589. Atmospheric pressure varies with

27590. The magnitude of water hammer in a pipe depends upon

27591. If velocities of fluid particles vary from point to point in magnitude and direction, as well as from instant to instant, the flow is said to be

27592. The rise of the liquid along the walls of a revolving cylinder above the initial level, is

27593. Fluids change the volume under external presssure due to

27594. Discharge over an ogee weir remains the same as that of

27595. When no air is left below the nappe and water stream adheres to the down stream face of the weir, it is known as

27596. The best side slope for most economical trapezoidal section, is

27597. The following is not a laminar flow

27598. Due to detonation the following parameters attains very high value:

27599. Uniform flow is said to occur when

27600. For the most economical trapezoidal section of a channel with regards to discharge, the required condition, is

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