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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 550

27501. The momentum correction factor (β) for the viscous flow through a circular pipe is

27502. A piezometer opening in pipes measures

27503. An independent mass of a fluid does not posses

27504. While applying the Bernoulli's equation = total head, the work any section done on the flow system, if any

27505. The river that carries the largest quantity of water is the .........?

27506. A short tube mouthpiece will not run full at its outlet if the head under which the orifice works, is

27507. Hydrostatic pressure on a dam depends upon its

27508. When two layers of a fluid separated by dy move over the other with a difference of velocity dv, causes a shearing stress , where μ is known as

27509. A pipe of 0.1 m2 cross sectional area suddenly enlarges to 0.3 m2 cross-sectional area. If the discharge of the pipe is 0.3 m3 /sec, the head loss is

27510. Maximum efficiency of transmission of power through a pipe, is

27511. An ideal flow of a liquid obeys

27512. Who appoints the Attorney General of India?

27513. Reynold number is the ratio of initial force and

27514. When a body is totally or partially immersed in a fluid, it is buoyed up by a force equal to

27515. If D is the diameter of a pipe of length L and f is the coefficient of friction of pipe then diameter of the nozzle d is

27516. If the total head of the nozzle of a pipe is 37.5 m and discharge is 1 cumec, the power generated is

27517. The phenomenon occuring in an open channel when a rapidly flowing stream abruptly changes to a slowly flowing stream causing a distinct rise of liquid surface, is

27518. In a circular pipe of length L and diameter d, a viscous liquid is flowing with a velocity v. The loss in head, is

27519. The horizontal component of the force on a curved surface is equal to

27520. The radius of gyration of the water line of a floating ship is 4 m and its metacentric height is 72.5 cm. The period of oscillation of the ship, is

27521. The most densely populated state in India is:?

27522. The Empirical formula for discharge over large rectangular weirs, is known as

27523. Which of the following colours in the visible spectrum has maximum range?

27524. Pick up the correct statement regarding Borda's mouth piece running full from the following :

27525. Differential manometers are used to measure

27526. A tank 4m x 3m x 2m containing an oil of specific gravity 0.83 is moved with an acceleration g/2 m sec2. The ratio of the pressures at its bottom when it is moving vertically up and down, is

27527. Chromosome number in dog?

27528. Highest dam in India, is

27529. Liquids

27530. The ratio of the percentagge error in the discharge and percentage error in the measurement of head over a triangular notch, is

27531. The ratio of the inertia and gravitational force acting in any flow, ignoring other forces, is called

27532. A rectangular channel 6 m wide and 3 m deep and having a bed slope as 1 in 2000 is running full. If Chezy's constant C = 54.8, pick up the correct specification of the channel from the following :

27533. Non-over flow double curvature concrete arch, is provided in

27534. For the most economical trapezoidal open channel,

27535. Hydraulic ram is a device

27536. Gauge pressure is

27537. The mouth piece shown in the below figure is generally known as

27538. If S is the length of the crest, H is the height of water source of a weir whose length is L and discharge is Q m3/sec, the velocity of approach Vd is

27539. If jet of water coming out from a nozzle with a velocity 9.81 m/s, the angle of elevation being 30°, the time to reach the highest point is

27540. The discharge through a 100 mm diameter external mouth piece fitted to the side of a large vessel is 0.05948 m3/s. The head over the mouth piece is

27541. If cohesion between the molecules of a fluid is more than adhesion between the fluid and glass, the free level of fluid in a dipped glass tube will be

27542. Flange wrinkling is the defect found in the following process:

27543. Water displaced by a floating wooden block of density 0.75, 5 m long, 2 m wide and 3 m high, is

27544. In pipe lines, a surge tank is provided

27545. Total head of a liquid particle in motion is the sum of

27546. The velocity distribution of viscous fluid through a circular/pipe is :

27547. If u, v, w are the components of the velocity v of a moving particle, the equation represents

27548. Mercury is generally used in barometers because

27549. Flow in pipes is laminar if Reynold number is

27550. The longest cell in the human body is?

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