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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 549

27451. To ensure that bullock carts may not overturn on curves, the maximum value of super-elevation, recommended by I.R.C., is

27452. Rajan remembers that his elder brother was born between 13th and 16th April while his mother remembers that he was born after 14th April and before 17th April. If the statements of both are considered correct then on which date of April he was born?

27453. Grey iron is usually welded by:

27454. The ratio of maximum deviation angle and maximum polar deflection angle of a Lemniscate curve, is

27455. If brakes of vehicles are effective, the vehicle-running at 30 km/hour comes to a stop in

27456. Full amount of extra width of a pavement on the curve, is provided at

27457. Roadway width for a National highways and State highways (two-lanes) is

27458. The distance travelled by revolving the wheel of a vehicle more than its circumferential movement, is known as

27459. If the difference in elevation of an edge of the pavement 9 m wide and its crown is 15 cm, the camber of the pavement, is

27460. If degree of a road curve is defined by assuming the standard length of an arc as 30 metres, the radius of 1° curve is equal

27461. In which season is Christmas celebrated in Australia?

27462. The minimum superelevation in rolling terrain in plains, is limited to

27463. Traffic census is carried out for

27464. In a right angle bend of a road provided with a transition throughout, the maximum polar angle will be

27465. Minimum radius of curvature of National Highways or State highways in hill region free from snow, is kept

27466. The best compromise between the increase of the length of a highway and reduction in its load carrying capacity, is the ruling gradient

27467. The length of a transition curve, is governed by

27468. Along horizontal curves, if centrifugal force exceeds lateral friction, vehicles may

27469. A subsidiary area in a carriageway placed so as to control the movement of the traffic, is

27470. Pick up the incorrect statement from the following. If water cement ratio is

27471. Ruling gradient on hill roads 300 m above M.S.L. is kept

27472. In welded wire mesh, the longitudinal wire is placed at

27473. Along a hill road, a side drain is provided on

27474. A district road with a bituminous pavement has a horizontal curve of 1000 m for a design speed of 75 km ph. The super-elevation is

27475. The minimum value of camber provided for thin bituminous surface hill roads, is

27476. Design of horizontal and vertical alignments, super-elevation, sight distance and grades, is worst affected by

27477. Thickness of a pavement may be reduced considerably by

27478. The total length of a valley formed by two gradients - 3% and + 2% curve between the two tangent points to provide a rate of change of centrifugal acceleration 0.6 m/sec2, for a design speed 100 km ph, is

27479. A process in which arc is maintained under a blanket of flux is called as:

27480. The vacuum maintained in the electron beam welding is of the order:

27481. Which of the following materials cannot be forged?

27482. A cylindrical section having no joints is called as:

27483. Which of the following rolling mills is required to reduce a slab directly to strip in one pass?

27484. The total pressure force on a plane area is equal to the area multiplied by the intensity of pressure at its centroid, if

27485. If the volume of a liquid weighing 3000 kg is 4 cubic metres, 0.75 is its

27486. Bernoulli's equation assumes that

27487. The time required to close a valve gradually is (where L is the length of pipe and C = velocity of pressure wave)

27488. A syphon is used

27489. Most economical section of a circular channel for maximum discharge

27490. Unit of kinematic viscosity is

27491. Nicol David is related to .........?

27492. Pollination by wind is called?

27493. The’Last Supper’ a famous renaissance painting was a master piece of?

27494. The ratio of maximum velocity to average velocity of viscous fluid through a circular pipe is

27495. The shear stress distribution in viscous fluid through a circular pipe is :

27496. The national heritage animal of India?

27497. Symmetrical hollow parts of circular cross-section are made by hot:

27498. The side slope of Cipolletti weir is generally kept

27499. A cylinder 3 m in diameter and 4 m long retains water one side as shown in the below figure. If the weight of the cylinder is 2000 kgf, the horizontal reaction at B is

27500. Computers that are portable and convinent for users who travel are know as...........?

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