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27401. Three points, A, B and C 500 m apart on a straight road have 500 m, 505 m and 510 m as their reduced levels. The road is said to have

27402. In a braking test, a vehicle travelling at 36 km ph was stopped at a braking distance of 8.0 m. The average value of the vehicle's skid resistance (friction coefficient) is

27403. If present A.D.T. is 5000 vehicles and annual increase is 10%, the average future flow after 5 years will be

27404. To prevent a head-on-collision of vehicles travelling in opposite directions along four-lane roads

27405. 26The crystal structure of gamma iron is:

27406. The G.T. road from Lahore to Calcutta in undivided India, was constructed during

27407. Indian Road Congress (I.R.C.) was founded and constituted with its head quarters at New Delhi, in

27408. Extra widening required at a horizontal curve on a single lane hill road of radius 80 m for a design speed of 50 km ph and for a vehicle with wheel base 6.0 m is

27409. The normal road land width for a National or State highway, in open areas should be

27410. Excessive camber on pavements may cause

27411. The type of curves generally provided on highways, is

27412. The famous book ‘Banyan Tree’ is written by?

27413. Non-passing sight distance along a road is the longest distance at which the driver of a moving vehicle, may see an obstacle on the pavement

27414. The minimum road width is taken

27415. If cross slope of a country is upto 10% the terain is classified as

27416. When each particle of aggregates is thinly coated with cement paste, a heterogeneous solid is formed, which is known as

27417. Gradient resistance of moving vehicles along down slopes, is

27418. Thickness of broken centre line markings for a four lane road, is generally kept

27419. Maximum number of vehicles that can pass a given point on a lane during one hour without creating unreasonable delay, is known as

27420. The desirable camber for straight roads with water bound macadam or gravel surface, is

27421. In case of a hair pin bend of a highway,

27422. Before providing super-elevation on roads, the portion of the carriageway between the crown and the outer edge is made

27423. Customers prefer parking of their vehicles at

27424. Reduction of load capacity in a ruling gradient of

27425. Over taking time required for a vehicle with design speed 50 km ph and overtaking acceleration 1.25 m/sec2 to overtake a vehicle moving at a speed 30 km ph, is

27426. The maximum comfortable retardation applied to moving vehicles, is

27427. The width of pavement in addition to a gravelled berm 1 m on either side for a two directional traffic recommended by Nagpur Conference of Chief Engineers, is

27428. Following gases are used in Tungsten inert gas Welding:

27429. The camber on pavements, is provided by

27430. The standard equation of a cubic parabolic transition curve provided on roads, is

27431. The maximum radial distance of a Lemniscate curve, having maximum polar angle a, is

27432. According to Indian Road Congress, the width of carriageway, is

27433. The minimum cross fall of shoulders is kept

27434. While calculating the overtaking sight distance, the height of the object above road surface, is assumed

27435. Set-back distance is the distance between

27436. Horizontal curves on highways are provided

27437. The width of the right of way, is influenced by

27438. On the recommendations of Nagpur Conference, the minimum width of a village road may be

27439. In retaining and breast walls, weep holes are provided at

27440. In complex situations, total time required for a driver to form a judgement and to act, may be taken as

27441. At intersection of roads, the traffic volume study is carried out to ascertain the number of vehicles

27442. Widening of the roads on curves in hilly region, is done

27443. For a properly designed vehicle, the resistance generally ignored, is

27444. The top height of a route marker above crown level is

27445. Preheating is essential in welding of:

27446. Provide meaningful words to fill the blanks: Every one knows that he is not ......... to hard work.?

27447. When load is applied on concrete pavement

27448. Pick up the incorrect statement from the following. On highways circular curves may be

27449. An ideal vertical curve is

27450. At a road junction, 16 cross conflict points are severe, if

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