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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 563

28151. The transverse reinforcements provided at right angles to the main reinforcement

28152. The amount of reinformcement for main bars in a slab, is based upon

28153. If the effective length of a 32 cm diameter R.C.C. column is 4.40 m, its slenderness ratio, is

28154. The percentage of minimum reinforcement of the gross sectional area in slabs, is

28155. A continuous beam shall be deemed to be a deep beam if the ratio of effective span to overall depth, is

28156. If T and R are tread and rise respectively of a stair, then

28157. If the five students sitting in a row, Leela is left to Geetha but on the right of Reetha. Seetha is on the right of Geetha but on the left of Valsa. The student sitting in the middle is?

28158. In a prestressed beam carrying an external load W with a bent tendon is having angle of inclination θ and prestressed load P. The net downward load at the centre is

28159. The effective width of a column strip of a flat slab, is

28160. High strength concrete is used in prestressed member

28161. A T-beam behaves as a rectangular beam of a width equal to its flange if its neutral axis

28162. The weight of a foundation is assumed as

28163. The maximum shear stress (qmax) in a rectangular beam is

28164. For stairs spanning horizontally, the minimum waist provided is

28165. Total pressure on the vertical face of a retaining wall of height h acts parallel to free surface and from the base at a distance of

28166. If the permissible compressive and tensile stresses in a singly reinforced beam are 50 kg/cm2 and 1400 kg/cm2 respectively and the modular ratio is 18, the percentage area At of the steel required for an economic section, is

28167. The live load to be considered for an inaccessible roof, is

28168. If the maximum shear stress at the end of a simply supported R.C.C. beam of 6 m effective span is 10 kg/cm2, the share stirrups are provided for a distance x from either end where x is

28169. The radius of a bar bend to form a hook, should not be less than

28170. Which metal has the highest melting point?

28171. In a simply supported slab the minimum spacing of distribution reinforcement, should be four times the effective thickness of the slab or

28172. A reinforced concrete cantilever beam is 3.6 m long, 25 cm wide and has its lever arm 40 cm. It carries a load of 1200 kg at its free end and vertical stirrups can carry 1800 kg. Assuming concrete to carry one-third of the diagonal tension and ignoring the weight of the beam, the number of shear stirrups required, is

28173. If the sides of a slab simply supported on edges and spanning in two directions are equal, the maximum bending moment is multiplied by

28174. An R.C.C. beam of 25 cm width and 50 cm effective depth has a clear span of 6 metres and carries a U.D.L. of 3000 kg/m inclusive of its self weight. If the lever arm constant for the section is 0.865, the maximum intensity of shear stress, is

28175. If the ratio of the span to the overall depth does not exceed 10, the stiffness of the beam will ordinarily be satisfactory in case of a

28176. The toe projection of foundation slabs is taken

28177. The first woman president of the Indian National Congress was?

28178. Steel beam theory is used for

28179. The advantage of reinforced concrete, is due to

28180. The shear reinforcement in R.C.C. is provided to resist

28181. An R.C.C. column of 30 cm diameter is reinforced with 6 bars 12 mm φ placed symmetrically along the circumference. If it carries a load of 40, 000 kg axially, the stress is

28182. According to I.S.: 456, 1978 the thickness of reinforced concrete footing on piles at its edges, is kept less than

28183. Dhanwantari Award is given for the outstanding contribution to?

28184. Pick up the true statement from the following:

28185. The metal used in storage batteries is?

28186. Which of the following rulers was adorned with the title of ‘Maharajadhiraja” (King of Kings)?

28187. The horizontal portion of a step in a stairs case, is known as

28188. The length of lap in tension reinforcement should not be less than the bar diameter x (actual tension / four times the permissible average bond stress) if it is more than

28189. The Nilgiris are part of the?

28190. Which is known as the Blood bank in the body?

28191. Distribution reinforcement in a simply supported slab, is provided to distribute

28192. To ensure that the hogging bending moment at two points of suspension of a pile of length L equals the sagging moment at its centre, the distances of the points of suspension from either end, is

28193. The thickness of the topping of a ribbed slab, varies between

28194. To ensure uniform pressure distribution, the thickness of the foundation, is

28195. The maximum ratio of span to depth of a cantilever slab, is

28196. Pick up the incorrect statement from the following. The intensity of horizontal shear stress at the elemental part of a beam section, is directly proportional to

28197. In a singly reinforced beam, the effective depth is measured from its compression edge to

28198. If a rectangular prestressed beam of an effective span of 5 meters and carrying a total load 3840 kg/m, is designed by the load balancing method, the central dip of the parabolic tendon should be

28199. Name the capital of Nepal:?

28200. If the maximum shear stress at the end of a simply supported R.C.C. beam of 16 m effective span is 10 kg/cm2, the length of the beam having nominal reinforcement, is

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