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28201. If the diameter of longitudinal bars of a square column is 16 mm, the diameter of lateral ties should not be less than

28202. If the depth of actual neutral axis of a doubly reinforced beam

28203. The length of the straight portion of a bar beyond the end of the hook, should be at least

28204. A simply supported beam , 6 m long and of effective depth 50 cm, carries a uniformly distributed load 2400 kg/m including its self weight. If the lever arm factor is 0.85 and permissible tensile stress of steel is 1400 kg/cm2, the area of steel required, is

28205. The first malayali to become the deputy chairman of Rajya Sabha?

28206. Colour of stars is closely related to?

28207. Distribution of shear intensity over a rectangular section of a beam, follows :

28208. [A + (m - 1)ASC] known as equivalent concrete area of R.C.C. is given by

28209. Pick up the incorrect statement from the following: Tensile reinforcement bars of a rectangular beam

28210. The maximum diameter of a bar used in a ribbed slab, is

28211. If permissible working stresses in steel and concrete are respectively 1400 kg/cm2 and 80 kg/cm2 and modular ratio is 18, in a beam reinforced in tension side and of width 30 cm and having effective depth 46 cm, the lever arms of the section, is

28212. Who among the following is considered as the first national ruler of India?

28213. Ala-ud-din Khilji became the Sultan of Delhi in 1296 AD after treacherously murdering his uncle and patron?

28214. Design of R.C.C. cantilever beams, is based on the resultant force at

28215. Barometer is used for measuring?

28216. Piles are usually driven by

28217. In favourable circumstances a 15 cm concrete cube after 28 days, attains a maximum crushing strength

28218. The angle of internal friction of soil mass is the angle whose

28219. The anchorage value of a hook is assumed sixteen times the diameter of the bar if the angle of the bend, is

28220. Top bars are extended to the projecting parts of the combined footing of two columns L distance apart for a distance of

28221. According to the steel beam theory of doubly reinforced beams

28222. The thickness of the flange of a Tee beam of a ribbed slab is assumed as

28223. In a singly reinforced beam, if the permissible stress in concrete reaches earlier than that in steel, the beam section is called

28224. The length of the lap in a compression member is kept greater than bar diameter x (Permissible stress in bar / Five times the bond stress) or

28225. If At is the gross area of steel in tension, d is the effective depth of the beam and y is the depth of the centre of gravity of the resultant compression, the moment of resistance M of the beam, is given by

28226. A pre-stressed concrete member

28227. A part of the slab may be considered as the flange of the T-beam if

28228. An R.C.C. roof slab is designed as a two way slab if

28229. If C is creep coefficient, f is original prestress in concrete, m is modular ratio, E is Young's modulus of steel and e is shrinkage strain, the combined effect of creep and shrinkage is:

28230. In a combined footing for two columns carrying unequal loads, the maximum hogging bending moment occurs at

28231. A raft foundation is provided if its area exceeds the plan area of the building by

28232. The largest of all the Indus tributories?

28233. If H is the overall height of a retaining wall retaining a surcharge, the width of the base slab usually provided, is

28234. The stem of a cantilever retaining wall which retains earth level with top is 6 m. If the angle of repose and weight of the soil per cubic metre are 30° and 2000 kg respectively, the effective width of the stem at the bottom, is

28235. If depth of slab is 10 cm, width of web 30 cm, depth of web 50 cm, centre to centre distance of beams 3 m, effective span of beams 6 m, the effective flange width of the beam, is

28236. In a combined footing if shear stress does not exceed 5 kg/cm2, the nominal stirrups provided are

28237. A flat slab is supported

28238. A singly reinforced beam has breadth b, effective depth d, depth of neutral axis n and critical neutral axis n1. If fc and ft are permissible compressive and tensile stresses, the moment to resistance of the beam, is

28239. If diameter of a reinforcement bar is d, the anchorge value of the hook is

28240. Minimum spacing between horizontal parallel reinforcement of different sizes, should not be less than

28241. If the size of a column is reduced above the floor, the main bars of the columns, are

28242. The system in which high tensile alloy steel bars (silica manganese steel) are used as prestressing tendons, is known as

28243. The minimum clear cover for R.C.C. columns shall be

28244. The tapes is made of?

28245. If the loading on a prestressed rectangular beam, is uniformly distributed, the tendon to be provided should be .

28246. The live load to be considered for an accessible roof, is

28247. A foundation is called shallow if its depth, is

28248. A circular slab subjected to external loading, deflects to form a

28249. An R.C.C beam of 25 cm width has a clear span of 5 metres and carries a U.D.L. of 2000 kg/m inclusive of its self weight. If the lever arm of the section is 45 cm., the beam is

28250. Which of the following used in high temperature thermometry?

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