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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 650

32501. The axis of movement of a robot may include:

32502. Numerical control:

32503. A flip-flop:

32504. A technique for displaying applications where complex 3-D geometric are required for the exteror shall of a product is called:

32505. The user communicates directly with the computer through its peripheral devices is known as

32506. A semi-continuous operation means:

32507. A servo controlled robot:

32508. An aneroid barometer

32509. Which of the following represents a conditional branching instruction?

32510. The electronic component that has been the key to recent developments in automation is the:

32511. Which of the following is considered a high-level language?

32512. Pressure sensors:

32513. Flexible manufacturing allows for:

32514. Three different aspects of colour are used to define specific colours. They are hue, saturation, and:

32515. A way to transfer programs to a central system is:

32516. The device that assembles groups of characters into complete messages prior to their entering the CPU is called:

32517. Which industry is the leading user of robots?

32518. What two methods are available to build electronic continuous control?

32519. If the transient response of a system is overdamped:

32520. Resolution in a CRT refers to:

32521. Actuators are used to:

32522. If the period of a sine wave is 0.001 second, the frequency of the sine wave is:

32523. Software is:

32524. Which item best describes a CAM technology?

32525. The linking of PCs with a communi¬cations system is referred to as:

32526. Two of the major processing languages are PROLOG and:

32527. Vision sensors:

32528. A disadvantage of Numerical Control (NC) is:

32529. Digitizers can be converted from "dumb" to "smart" through the addition of:

32530. Over the last ten years, productivity has risen most rapidly in:

32531. The difference between a high-technology and a medium-technology robot is the:

32532. The output of a thermocouple is:

32533. Compared to humans, machines:

32534. A solenoid:

32535. Most industrial control applications:

32536. When was the first successful industrial robot installed in the General Motors Plant in USA?

32537. The physical arrangement of equipment in a network is called:

32538. The computer graphics system called SKETCHPAD was demonstrated at

32539. The new industrial revolution has been caused by:

32540. Straight-line operations:

32541. The workspace required for a robot:

32542. In pen plotters, "resolution" refers to the shortest possible line, but in electrostatic plotters it refers to:

32543. A common data base is one requisite for converting CAD and CAM to CIM. Another is that:

32544. Sensors:

32545. Which of the following devices could be part of a sensor?

32546. In general, American buyers will purchase goods:

32547. The reliability life cycle of a product:

32548. Robots consist of three basic components; power supply, control (memory) console, and:

32549. Today's engineers feel that the ultimate solution to the CAD/CAM problem will be

32550. The method of solid modeling that defines the topology of faces, edges, and vertics, as well as data that defines the surface in which each face lies is called:

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