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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 651

32551. Programming languages currently available for robots:

32552. A process controller:

32553. Compared to an open-loop system, a closed-loop control system is:

32554. Automation means:

32555. The "snap" command feature in both AutoCAD and VersaCAD ensure that:

32556. An intelligent robot can:

32557. What is proportional control?

32558. The real "brain" of an artificial intelligence system is referred to as:

32559. Analog and digital controllers:

32560. Robot motion:

32561. The digitizing technology that uses an electric field radiated from the tablet and picked up by a cursor is:

32562. Advantages of robots include:

32563. Light sensors:

32564. Stepping motors:

32565. Most continuous control actuators:

32566. Group technology brings together and organizes:

32567. A venturi tube:

32568. The APT (automatically progra¬mmed tools) language is used with:

32569. The ideal solution is to have a system coordinator who will interface with the engineering and manufacturing managers, as well as the:

32570. Four basic elements are required for an automated machine tool or production process. They are: input interface, memory, output interface and:

32571. The Ziegler-Nichols method:

32572. A Hall effect switch is usually used to:

32573. The hardware device Jhat acts as both a switching and connecting unit is called a(n):

32574. The addition of _____ can reduce processing time.

32575. Which of the following method is used the results of a design analysis as a base for redesign decisions?

32576. What kind of capability is required if one plans to interface with a plotter or printer?

32577. Robots can increase productivity because:

32578. Which CAD display configurability allows work without any host support?

32579. The rectangular boundary around a specific area on the display is called

32580. In the PROLOG language system, facts are manipulated by:

32581. A favourable reason for automation is to:

32582. Which method uses the design analysis as a method for effecting the design?

32583. The main activity(ies) of Designer in CAD is/are:

32584. The three different types of pen plotter technology are flatbed, drum, and:

32585. High-level languages:

32586. The heart of automation technology is.

32587. A dc servo motor:

32588. Plotter accuracy is measured in terms of repeatability and:

32589. The basic difference between broadband and baseband is:

32590. The power source that drives the manipulator can be:

32591. Which of the following devices would be classified as a robot by the Robot Institute of America?

32592. An operating system:

32593. Accounting principles are based on

32594. A LISP environment consists of a language, a programming environ¬ment, and:

32595. What Is a process variable?

32596. Time proportioning control:

32597. What is the process lag?

32598. If the present value in a timer in the TI510 is 8, how many milliseconds is required from the time the timer is started until the output is enabled?

32599. The two types of relays in a PC are:

32600. A common way to take x, y coordinates off a drawing is to use a

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