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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 652

32601. How is the integral mode implemented on a digital controller?

32602. Which of the following is not critical in PC CAD software?

32603. Which of the following editor(s) is(are) incorporated into general CAD system?

32604. A microprocessor:

32605. Which document sums up the general provisions of purchase, terms and agreement, warranties, and maintenance?

32606. Which of the plotters listed below eliminates media size limitations?

32607. In order to combat foreign competition, U.S. companies are:

32608. Historically, central systems were used because:

32609. Most current PC CAD systems are used for producing:

32610. A continuous process is:

32611. The rate at which scanning is repeated is called the:

32612. One of the following is not considered a method of input control in a CAD system.

32613. Which part of the system performs the "housekeeping" chores?

32614. The greatest change as a result of CAD/CAM is taking place in which industry?

32615. Who are called steel collar workers?

32616. For a type 1 system, the steady-state:

32617. Several objectives are required to achieve a successful data base management program. These are availability of data, quality of data, and

32618. Which of the following is required for a plotter to perform specific commands?

32619. For a type 2 system, the steady-state:

32620. The refresh-vector CRT uses which of the following techniques?

32621. A set of well-defined procedures based on mathematical and geometric formulas for solving a problem in a finite number of steps is called:

32622. A flexible manufacturing system may be:

32623. Which of the following elements can be used with a TI510 FC?

32624. For a type 0 system, the steady-state:

32625. An assembly language instruction:

32626. The lowest form of computer language is called:

32627. CAE and CAM are linked through:

32628. The parallel register:

32629. Microcomputer-based control sys¬tems

32630. A thermistor:

32631. The steady-state error is:

32632. Many things can be done to minimize downtime loss. Identify two of them.

32633. A typical NC system has which of the following components?

32634. Which part of the system allows the user to interact with the compiler? (a) Memory

32635. The robot:

32636. Direct Numerical Control means:

32637. A proportional plus integral contro¬ller can:

32638. A pick-and-place manipulator is:

32639. FORTRAN is:

32640. Which of the methods below can be used to tell a robot what it is to do?

32641. The processing, which normally consists of a small computer with one or more peripheral devices, connected via a high-speed line to the large control computer is known as

32642. VLSI (very large scale integrated circuits) logic:

32643. The term used to represent the recycling of unused memory is:

32644. In the instruction, 500 SUBA # 50 the command field is:

32645. Use of modern control technology in automation systems:

32646. One of the major benefits of using CAD in tool design is that:

32647. The speed at which the monitor accepts data is called:

32648. The chosen language for the Japanese Fifth-Generation Compu¬ter Project is:

32649. When a computer fetches an instruction, the binary code representing the instruction appears on the:

32650. A stepping motor;

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