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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 653

32651. A microprocessor is:

32652. An up/down counter used in a TI510PC has three inputs. Which of the following is not one of them?

32653. If a sine wave has a frequency of 500 Hz, the period in seconds of the sine wave is:

32654. Standard computer control products:

32655. Skipping every other line and picking up the skipped lines on the second pass is called:

32656. Ergonomics refers to:

32657. Artificial intelligence operates on the principle of using a _____ base as opposed to a data base.

32658. A smart solid-state sensor is:

32659. D/A (digital to analog) conversion:

32660. Most data transmission in the future will be:

32661. The integrated circuit:

32662. What is offset error?

32663. Which of the following may be classified as an automation system?

32664. The accuracy of a pick-and-place robot can be as good as:

32665. The difference between CAD and CAM is that CAD software is directed at product design while CAM software is:

32666. Localizing an object in an image and selectively analyzing the object in a series of redundant layers is referred to as the:

32667. In the operation of a programmable controller:

32668. The concept of a general CAD system was that it should provide:

32669. The insect type robot Attila is a more competent version of the robot Genghis an weights 1.7 kg. What is the number of microprocessors carried by its body?

32670. The "walk-through" method of programming a robot involves:

32671. Which of the following is often used as an alternative to the light pen or in association with storage tube displays?

32672. The general CAD system was development by considering a wide range of possible uses of such a system.

32673. Relay ladder logic is used in a PC because:

32674. The "end-effector" of a robot:

32675. The program execution time:

32676. One advantage of a PC in industrial control is that it:

32677. To which of the following countries did Karl Marx belong?

32678. When one must sell a project to management, the most important document he or she can produce is a:

32679. What is required to enable the PC to emulate a graphics terminal?

32680. Which type of digitizer measures a wave traveling at the speed of sound?

32681. An encoder:

32682. Operator interaction directly with the CRT is accomplished via:

32683. What two disciplines are usually tied by a common data base?

32684. Which of the following is a graphical output device?

32685. A display of a volume model that shows all of its edges is called a:

32686. A sequence controller:

32687. Having compatibility and commonality in and between vendors' equipment is called:

32688. Programmable controllers:

32689. Which of the following are kinds of instructions?

32690. A program language:

32691. Which of the following symbol modes are used to input of graphics to General CAD system?

32692. Which technique enables the designer to mold and shape, rather than construct on object using a series of lines?

32693. Computer-based controllers:

32694. Flood guns bombard the phosphor surface of the tube in which one of the following types of CRT technology?

32695. A credit Sale of Rs. 5,000 to Sugunan has been wrongly passed through the purchase book To rectify the error, Sugunan's Account is debited with:

32696. What is the total earnings of a worker from the following data? Standard time for completing the job 50 hours. Actual time taken for completing the job 45 hours. Time rate is Rs. 20 per hour, premium bonus is 60% of time saved.

32697. What is the Economic Order Quantity if annual requirement is Rs. 1,600 units, cost of material per units is Rs. 40, cost of placing and receiving order Rs. 50. Annual carrying cost of inventory is 10% of inventory value?

32698. If sales is Rs. 2,40,000; percent of gross profit on sales 20%, purchase Rs. 1,75,000, closing stock Rs. 30,000. Then opening stock will be..........

32699. Rayon is chemically?

32700. The tracks on a disk which can be accessed without repositioning the R/W heads is

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