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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 649

32451. What was originally called the "imitation game" by its creator?

32452. Decision support programs are designed to help managers make:

32453. 98. The number of girls in a class is half of the number of boys. The total number of students in the class can be:

32454. 99. In the first round of a chess tournament, every participants are playing with every other players. If the number of participants is 5, how many matches will be there in the first round?

32455. 100. Which is next in the series: 2, 3, 7, 16, 41......?

32456. The U.N. Declaration of 'Millennium Development Goals for women empowerment and Gender Equality was in the year:

32457. valuation and presentation of inventories is

32458. Automation normally means:

32459. Trend analysis:

32460. The use of specialized workstations:

32461. What key hardware item ties a CAD/ CAM system together?

32462. Which of these controller types is the most accurate?

32463. Flat panel displays are based on what type of technology?

32464. Which of the following is a graphical input device?

32465. Today, programmable controllers:

32466. Productivity is defined as:

32467. The main function(s) of computer in CAD is/are

32468. The first industrial robot for commercial uses was installed in a Japanese plant at Toyota Automatic Loom Company, the parent company of the Toyota Automobile Group. When did this robot go into operation?

32469. What is the difference between integral and derivative control?

32470. The program counter:

32471. Digital signals:

32472. There are several procedures you can implement to provide maximum security. The most important of these is:

32473. Semiconductor devices:

32474. A drum timer is a good example of:

32475. The formula for memory capacity is:

32476. How is the integral mode implemented using analog methods?

32477. The general type of process found in industry is:

32478. Which method is frequently used, especially in the early stages of design?

32479. In raster-scan colour monitors, colour can be intensified by:

32480. Timing using a TM990 micro¬computer:

32481. A discrete parts process is:

32482. Speech recognition:

32483. Which device does the general population associate most with automation?

32484. Using a microcomputer as a controller allows:

32485. If the transient response is under damped:

32486. What should be first considered in choosing a plotter?

32487. The coordinate system used to describe a workpiece:

32488. A programmable controller:

32489. The SKETCHPAD system

32490. The name given to the test that determines whether a machine can think is the:

32491. Which of the following is a machine language instruction?

32492. The two major categories of software are: application software and

32493. What was the name of the Japanese worker who was killed by an industrial robot at the Akashi plant of Kawasaki Heavy Industries in Japan?

32494. When of the following produces the best quality graphics reproduction?

32495. The three key elements for a graphics workstation include the host processor, display controller, and:

32496. An operational amplifier:

32497. The raster CRT eliminates:

32498. Who made the statement "if a robot can do a job, a person should not be doing it"?

32499. CAD/CAM is the inter-relationship between:

32500. What prevents a robotic instrument from running into other objects?

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