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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 648

32401. An AI system developed by Daniel Bobrow to read and solve algebra word problems

32402. The "Turing Machine" showed that you could use a/an _____ system to program any algorithmic task.

32403. MCC is investigating the improvement of the relationship between people and computers through a technology called:

32404. The first widely-used commercial form of Artificial Intelligence (Al) is being used in many popular products like microwave ovens, automobiles and plug in circuit boards for desktop PCs. It allows machines to handle vague information with a deftness that mimics human intuition. What is the name of this AI?

32405. In his landmark book Cybernetics, Norbert Wiener suggested a way of modeling scientific phenomena using not energy, but:

32406. Input segments of AI programming contain(s)

32407. The applications in the Strategic Computing Program include:

32408. In LISP, the function evaluates <object> and assigns this value to the unevaluated <sconst>.

32409. The primary interactive method of communication used by humans is:

32410. Elementary linguistic units which are smaller than words are:

32411. In LISP, the atom that stands for "true" is

32412. A mouse device may be:

32413. An expert system differs from a database program in that only an expert system:

32414. Arthur Samuel is linked inextricably with a program that played:

32415. Natural language understanding is used in:

32416. Which of the following are examples of software development tools?

32417. The first AI programming language was called:

32418. The Personal Consultant is based on:

32419. The conference that launched the AI revolution in 1956 was held at:

32420. Texas Instruments Incorporated produces a low-cost LISP machine called:

32421. When a top-level function is entered, the LISP processor do(es)

32422. One method of programming a computer to exhibit human intelligence is called modeling or:

32423. Graphic interfaces were first used in a Xerox product called:

32424. The Al researcher who co-authored both the Handbook of Artificial Intelligence and The Fifth Generation is:

32425. Which of the following is being investigated as a means of automating the creation of a knowledge base?

32426. The CAI (Computer-Assisted Instruction) technique based on programmed instruction is:

32427. A robot's "arm" is also known as its:

32428. KEE is a product of:

32429. Computers normally solve problem by breaking them down into a series of yes-or-no decisions represented by 1s and 0s. What is the name of the logic that allows computers to assign numerical values that fail somewhere between 0 and 1?

32430. The component of an ICAI (Intelligent Computer-Asslsted Instruction) presenting information to the student is the:

32431. The company that grew out of research at the MIT AI lab is:

32432. Which technique is being investigated as an approach to automatic programming?

32433. One definition of AI focuses on problem-solving methods that process:

32434. Artificial intelligence is

32435. The primary method that people use to sense their environment is:

32436. The Newell and Simon program that proved theorems of Principia Mathematica was:

32437. In LISP, the function assigns . the value of a to b is

32438. The cray X-MP, IBM 3090 and connection machine can he characterized as

32439. In LISP, the function (list-length <list>)

32440. ART (Automatic Reasoning Tool) is designed to be used on:

32441. Which particular generation of computers is associated with artificial intelligence?

32442. Shaping teaching techniques to fit the learning patterns of individual students is the goal of:

32443. Which of the following function returns t If the object is a symbol m LISP?

32444. The symbols used in describing the syntax of a programming language are

32445. The integrated circuit was invented by Jack Kilby of:

32446. People overcome natural language problems by:

32447. The Cedar, BBN Butterfly, Cosmic Cube and Hypercube machine can be characterized as

32448. What is the term used for describing the judgmental or commonsense part of problem solving?

32449. What stage of the manufacturing process has been described as "the mapping of function onto form"?

32450. Which kind of planning consists of successive representations of different levels of a plan?

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