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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 647

32351. The explanation facility of an expert system may be used to:

32352. A process that is repeated, evaluated, and refined is called:

32353. Visual clues that are helpful in computer vision include:

32354. In LISP, the function X (x). (2x+l) would be rendered as

32355. A natural language generation program must decide:

32356. Who is considered to be the "father" of artificial intelligence?

32357. In which of the following areas may ICAI programs prove to be useful?

32358. A network with named nodes and labeled arcs that can be used to represent certain natural language grammars to facilitate parsing.

32359. A series of AI systems developed by Pat Langley to explore the role of heuristics in scientific discovery.

32360. A.M. turing developed a technique for determining whether a computer could or could not demonstrate the artificial Intelligence,, Presently, this technique is called

32361. A Personal Consultant knowledge base contain information in the form of:

32362. Which approach to speech recognition avoids the problem caused by the variation in speech patterns among different speakers?

32363. Which of the following, is a component of an expert system?

32364. A computer vision technique that relies on image templates is:

32365. DARPA, the agency that has funded a great deal of American AI research, is part of the Department of:

32366. Which of these schools was not among the early leaders in AI research?

32367. A certain Professor at the Stanford University coined the word 'artificial intelligence' in 1956 at a conference held at Dartmouth college. Can you name the Professor?

32368. In LISP, the function (copy-list <list>)

32369. LISP machines also are known as:

32370. Natural language processing can be divided into the two subfields of:

32371. How many ALU(s) is/are control by one control unit is SIMD (single instruction stream, multiple data stream) architecture?

32372. Which of the following function returns t if the object is a number in LISP?

32373. Which of the following have computers traditionally done better than people?

32374. The characteristics of the computer system capable of thinking, reasoning and learning is known is

32375. What part of the manufacturing process relate to each stage of the process and to the process as a whole?

32376. The area of AI that investigates methods of facilitating communication between people and computers is:

32377. In the 16th century, a Czech rabbi reportedly created a living clay man whose name has become a synonym for an artificial human. The clay man's name was:

32378. For speech understanding systems to gain widespread acceptance in office automation, they must feature:

32379. In LISP, the function returns the list that results after the first element is removed (the rest f the list), is

32380. Output segments of AI programming contain(s)

32381. LISP was created by:

32382. Expert Ease was developed under the direction of:

32383. An AI system developed by Terry A. Winograd to permit an interactive dialogue about a domain he called blocks-world.

32384. MLMenu, a natural language interface for the TI Explorer, is similar to:

32385. How many control unit(s) is/are available in SISD (single data stream, single data stream) architecture?

32386. Strong AI is

32387. The traditional way to exit and LISP system is to enter

32388. In which of the following situations might a blind search be acceptable?

32389. In LISP, the function (endp <list>)

32390. In LISP, which of the following function assigns the value 10 to the symbol a?

32391. In LISP, the atom that stands for "False" is

32392. The expert system developed at MIT to solve mathematical problems is known as:

32393. Which approach to speech recognition avoids the problem caused by the differences in the way words are pronounced according to context?

32394. A KES knowledge base contains information in the form of:

32395. In AI programming, a list may contain:

32396. In LISP, the function (minusp (-20 4 8 8 1) returns

32397. Special programs that assist programmers are called:

32398. If the English Philosopher Thomas Hobbes could be called 'grandfather' of artificial intelligence, then who could be called its father?

32399. In LISP, the function returns t if <integer> is even and nil otherwise:

32400. Which of the following is an advantage of using an expert system development tool?

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