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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 802

40101. Annual demand for a product costing Rs.100 is Ordering cost per order is Rs.100 and carrying cost is Rs.2 per unit per year.The economic lot size is then:

40102. CPM and PERT techniques are used for:

40103. ABC analysis in materials management is a method of classifying the inventories based on:

40104. Break even point is the point where:

40105. The core product model required for any CAD/CAM system:

40106. Group technology is suitable for production of:

40107. In FMS the tools are identified by means of:

40108. Just in time manufacturing philosophy emphasizes on:

40109. A joint sector undertaking:

40110. C-charts are the best example of:

40111. Cellular manufacturing system is designed on the basis of:

40112. In linear programming the shadow prices are:

40113. A feeler gauge is used to check:

40114. The relation between tool life(T)and cutting speed(V)is expressed as:

40115. A cycle consists of two isothermal and two isentropic processes is known as:

40116. In an isometric projection the radius of a sphere it is equal to:

40117. The function of steam nozzle is to covert:

40118. The India Innovation Index was launched by

40119. Which country became the first in the world to pass a bill to completely stop investment in fossil fuel?

40120. The cab hailing firm Uber launched its two-wheeler aggregation service UberMOTO in which city?

40121. India has signed a MoU to construct a multi-ethnic secondary school with which one of its neighbours?

40122. Scientists have developed a first of its kind new bovine Tuberculosis (TB)-resistant clone of which animal?

40123. It is with this multilateral organisation, India signed a USD 201.50 million financing agreement.

40124. Which entity was granted the Payments Bank Licence by RBI recently?

40125. India's largest start-up incubator will be set up in which state?

40126. Which initiative will be launched by Union Government to provide education and skills through digital means, as per the Union Budget 2017?

40127. Which Arab nation is planning to launch it's first-ever Mars Mission in 2020?

40128. Who of the following was appointed as the Miss Universe 2016?

40129. Dryness fraction is the ratio of:

40130. If the thermal efficiency of Carnot heat engine is 50 percent,then coefficient of performance of a refrigerator working within the same temperature limit would be:

40131. Fill up the blanks using suitable alternative: I met the two girls, ......... twin sisters.?

40132. Which one of the following parameter is significant to ascertain chemical equilibrium of a system?

40133. The percentage of carbon in cast iron usually varies between:

40134. Martensite is a super saturated solution of carbon in:

40135. Dislocation in materials is a ------------defect.

40136. The head over a 900 V-notch increases from 15 to 3 m.The ratio of the new discharge to the original discharge is:

40137. A floating body will remain in stable equilibrium so long as:

40138. The nominal thickness of boundary layer represents the distance from the surface to a point where:

40139. A pitot-tube is an instrument for measuring:

40140. Which state government has launched "Chief Minister Samagra Gramya Unnayan Yojana (CMSGUY)" to develop villages of the state?

40141. From which state / Union territory, the "Measles-Rubella (MR) vaccination campaign" has been launched?

40142. Which state's Chief Minister has launched the Chief Minister Samagra Gramya Unnayan Yojana (CMSGUY) to develop its villages and stimulate rural productivity?

40143. It is in this city Indian Navy launched an Integrated Underwater Harbour Defence and Surveillance System.

40144. Which gulf country recorded it lowest ever temperature in February 2017?

40145. Scientists from which country have discovered what could be the world's earliest emoji?

40146. Vijay Goel has laid the foundation stone of 1st centre of excellence for differently-abled sportsmen. In which state the centre will be located?

40147. Bano Qudsia, the renowned Urdu author has passed away. She hailed from which of the following countries?

40148. Which country successfully tested Dongfeng-5C ballistic missile?

40149. Which country will host 2017 FIBA Women's Asia Cup basketball tournament?

40150. Which country is host to the 4th BIMSTEC Summit-2017?

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