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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 819

40951. Two Wattmeters W1 and W2 are connected in a 3 phase circuit to measure 1 KW load 5 PF.Which of the following reading will be correct?

40952. Polarised electrolytic----Aluminium capacitors are designed to have DC working voltage in the range of-------V

40953. Time period of 240 V ac supply in India is:

40954. Internal diameter of pipe earthing electrode should not be less that------mm

40955. In PTC resistor,as the temperature increases,the resistance:

40956. Which is active component?

40957. BY 127 is a:

40958. Colour of silica gel changes to ------as it absorbs moisture from air

40959. Synchronous speed of a 3 phase,4 pole,50 Hz induction motor:

40960. Electric charge is equal to:

40961. Limiting temperature of F class insulating material:

40962. Which Indian sportsperson will represent IOC's Athletes' Commission (AC) in the Badminton World Federation (BWF)

40963. Which movie has won the Best Picture award at 89th Oscar Academy Awards?

40964. Which Indian state has announced that it would soon be banning the use of polythene bags?

40965. Which state's Chief Minister recently inaugurated a new medical project titled RAHAT?

40966. Who won the men's title in the second edition of the IDBI Federal Life Insurance New Delhi Marathon?

40967. Which state government has launched India's first post office passport service center?

40968. Who was appointed as the new Brand Ambassador for Swachh Bharat Mission?

40969. Haryana has established an online system for monitoring the sex-ratio for a district. Name it.

40970. The UK-India Year of Culture 2017 recently kicked off in London. The purpose of the celebration is

40971. Which city is hosting the 2017 Mobile World Congress (MWC)?

40972. Who won the women's title in the second edition of the 2017 New Delhi Marathon?

40973. India's first hill station bicycle path has opened in which state?

40974. Which state government has launched "RAHAT" project for treatment of heart disease in remote and rural areas?

40975. What is the purpose of Saathiya Resource Kit that was launched by Union Government recently?

40976. Which state government has launched pilot project "Sex Ratio Monitoring Dashboard" for the state?

40977. Which hockey team has won the 5th edition of Coal India Hockey India League (HIL) 2017 tournament?

40978. The 2017 International Shivratri Festival has started in which state?

40979. Which Indian city has been named as the Richest Indian city, according to latest New World Wealth report?

40980. Name the Indian Navy's month-long annual theatre level exercise that recently concluded on the Western Seaboard.

40981. India's first hill station bicycle path was inaugurated in which hill station?

40982. Name the freedom fighter whose 86th martyrdom day was observed on 27 February 2017.

40983. Non uniform distribution of variable currents is solid conductors resulting in an increase in the current density near the surface:

40984. Pick the correct one:

40985. One metric HP=---------Watts

40986. --------helps to find out the direction of current in the conductor of a generator.

40987. When two resistors are connected in series total resistance is 8 W and when connected in parallel,equivalent resistance is 2W.Value of each resistance are:

40988. An MI volt meter reads—value

40989. Inductance,L=

40990. One cycle is ----------electrical degrees

40991. RMS value =-----------x Maximum value

40992. Which of the following is used in ceiling fan?

40993. Active power in 3 phase circuit is:

40994. Unit of luminous intensity:

40995. The power factor of pure resistive circuit is:

40996. Illumination of a surface is inversely proportional to:

40997. The pitch of wave winding is:

40998. Generator efficiency is maximum when:

40999. Form factor=

41000. Resultant flux of 3 phase induction motor is:

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