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47751. One advantage of analog circuits over digital circuits is that it's easier to store data.

47752. Digital circuits cannot perform logic comparisons since the circuit can have only one of two values at any instant.

47753. A digital circuit will not obey a set of logic rules.

47754. Circuits that exhibit the property of memory normally revert to their original state when the input is removed.

47755. A logic analyzer is used to display a timing diagram.

47756. Parallel transmission is faster than serial.

47757. A microcomputer is the smallest type of computer.

47758. A device to convert a binary number to a 7-segment display format is a decoder.

47759. The two binary digits are 1 and 2.

47760. It is possible to have an overlap between high and low levels in digital logic.

47761. A microcomputer is not a general-purpose computer.

47762. An invalid digital signal is used as a zero.

47763. Memory devices store binary data.

47764. A graph of phase vs. time is a timing diagram.

47765. In a negative logic system, a high is represented by 0.

47766. The LSB is always to the right of the MSB.

47767. With an AND gate, if one input is HIGH, the output reflects the other input.

47768. An ADC is an analog-to-digital converter.

47769. The arithmetic/logic unit will send the results of its decisions to memory.

47770. Digital systems require that voltage levels change between high and low.

47771. The CPU (Central Processing Unit) is composed of memory and outputs.

47772. PALs are relatively simple integrated circuit devices.

47773. Digital systems have ________.

47774. The systems shown in the given figure transfer data ________.

47775. Digital systems are called ________.

47776. 1/4 as a binary number would be ________.

47777. The invalid range for an input to TTL logic is from ________.

47778. In a typical digital system, Logic 0 is 0V–0.8V, and Logic 1 is ________.

47779. Once a signal is digitized, the information it contains does not ________ as it is processed.

47780. The rise-time of a pulse is normally measured between the ________.

47781. A logic circuit that can store one bit of information is a ________.

47782. The horizontal axis of an oscilloscope is normally calibrated in units of ________.

47783. The combination of waveforms consisting of the given figures 1 and 2 is generally referred to as ________.

47784. The digit that changes most often when counting is called the ________.

47785. Memory devices that use electronic latching circuits are called ________.

47786. A microprocessor that performs only specific, dedicated tasks is also called a ________.

47787. The decimal system is composed of ________ symbols.

47788. The manner in which a digital circuit responds to an input is the circuit's ________.

47789. The given figure is most likely a ________.

47790. A(n)________ is not a functional unit of a computer.

47791. The duty cycle of a square wave is ________.

47792. If a HIGH logic level is assigned a binary zero (0), and a low level is assigned a binary one (1), the logic is called ________.

47793. The quantity represented by #1 in the given figure is ________.

47794. A binary number can be converted to be viewed on a 7-segment display by a(n) ________.

47795. The CPU contains all the circuitry for ________.

47796. Demultiplexing is a logic function that ________.

47797. In ________ the quantities are not represented by continuously variable indicators.

47798. A continually variable, proportional indicator is a(n) ________ representation.

47799. The control and arithmetic/logic units are often considered as one unit called the ________.

47800. A microcontroller would not be used in a(n) ________.

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