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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 956

47801. ________ is the highest-value seven-bit binary number.

47802. The systems shown in the given figure communicate using ________.

47803. The set of instructions for a computer is called a(n) ________.

47804. The controls on an oscilloscope that will help obtain a stable display are in the ________.

47805. The value of the data shown in the given figure is ________.

47806. To determine which of two binary numbers is larger, you could use a(n) ________.

47807. In ________ transmission, a single conductor is used.

47808. In a negative logic system, the area represented by #3 in the given figure would be the ________ level.

47809. The area represented by #4 in the given figure is the ________ level.

47810. Other ________ are often used to interpret or represent binary quantities for the convenience of the people who work with and use these digital systems.

47811. In a positive logic system, the HIGH level is usually represented by ________.

47812. A set of instructions for a computer is called a(n) ________.

47813. Any number with an exponent of zero is equal to:

47814. In the decimal numbering system, what is the MSD?

47815. Which of the following statements does NOT describe an advantage of digital technology?

47816. The generic array logic (GAL) device is ________.

47817. The range of voltages between VL(max) and VH(min) are ________.

47818. A 0.01-F capacitor is recommended by TTL manufacturers for ________ the power supply.

47819. Why does the data sheet for the 7476 only give a minimum value for the clock pulse width (both HIGH and LOW)?

47820. Why is the Schmitt trigger needed in the 60-Hz TTL-level clock pulse generator?

47821. The main concern when using a pull-down resistor is:

47822. Look up the propagation delay from the clock to the output for the 7476. Are the HIGH-to-LOW and LOW-to-HIGH propagation delays the same?

47823. What would be the output voltage of a 7814 voltage regulator?

47824. The purpose of a pull-up resistor is to keep a terminal at a ________ level when it would normally be at a ________ level.

47825. Setup time specifies:

47826. Can the automatic RC circuit be used to set a flip-flop rather than reset the flip-flop?

47827. A Schmitt trigger:

47828. A settable flip-flop's normal starting state when power is first applied to a circuit is always the ________ state.

47829. In the automatic reset circuit for a flip-flop, how long does it take the capacitor to completely charge?

47830. The output of a standard TTL NAND gate is used to pull an LED indicator LOW. The LED is in series with a 470- resistor. What is the current in the circuit when the LED is on?

47831. When the inputs to a flip-flop are changing at the same time that the active trigger edge of the input clock is making its transition, this condition is called:

47832. Is the propagation delay from the clock to the output for the 7476 the same as the delay from the set or reset to the output?

47833. What is the difference between setup time and hold time?

47834. Define a race condition for a flip-flop.

47835. Which of the following flip-flop timing parameters indicates the time it takes a Q output to respond to a Cp input?

47836. How much setup time (ts) is required for the 74LS76?

47837. Why should a LED be pulled LOW from a logic gate rather than pulled HIGH?

47838. What is the major advantage of the J-K flip-flop over the S-R flip-flop?

47839. Decoupling capacitors should be tied from VCC on one device to ground on a different device.

47840. One example for the use of a Schmitt trigger is as a(n):

47841. TTL requires a constant supply voltage of 8.0 V.

47842. A transfer function graph illustrates the most important specifications for the Schmitt trigger devices.

47843. The input levels to a flip-flop must be maintained for a minimum time period both before and after the edge of the clock signal is applied.

47844. There is no way to eliminate the effects of a switch bounce.

47845. Pull-up resistors and pull-down resistors are used to keep a floating terminal HIGH.

47846. The output of a phototransister is determined by the presence or absence of light at its base input.

47847. The term race condition describes the time that an active signal must be present at the input to a flip-flop before an active clock edge is applied.

47848. A Schmitt trigger has a positive feedback circuit and experiences a phenomenon called hysteresis.

47849. A series RC circuit can be used to generate a power-up (automatic) reset signal.

47850. The 7805 will get very hot if your circuit draws more than 0.5 A.

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