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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 957

47851. The ________ circuit overcomes the problem of switching caused by jitter on the inputs.

47852. Why would a delay gate be needed for a digital circuit?

47853. An optocoupler is an integrated circuit with an LED and a zener diode encased in the same package.

47854. A Schmitt trigger has VT+ = 2.0 V and VT– = 1.2 V. What is the hysteresis voltage of the Schmitt trigger?

47855. Which of the following circuit parameters would be most likely to limit the maximum operating frequency of a flip-flop?

47856. The ADC0804 is an example of a ________.

47857. In a digital representation of voltages using an 8-bit binary code, how many values can be defined?

47858. A 4-bit R/2R ladder digital-to-analog converter uses ________.

47859. A binary-weighted-input digital-to-analog converter has a feedback resistor, Rf, of 12 k. If 50 A of current is through the resistor, voltage out of the circuit is ________.

47860. The resolution of a 6-bit DAC is ________.

47861. Which type of ADC quantizes the analog signal into a stream of bits whose amount corresponds to the signal level?

47862. A binary-weighted-input digital-to-analog converter has an input resistor of 100 k. If the resistor is connected to a 5 V source, current through the resistor is ________.

47863. In troubleshooting a DAC, we check its performance characteristics, such as ________.

47864. In a digital reproduction of an analog curve, accuracy can be increased by ________.

47865. In a 4-bit R/2R ladder digital-to-analog converter, because of negative feedback, the operational amplifier keeps the inverting (minus) input near ________.

47866. What is the result of taking more samples during the quantization process?

47867. Which A/D conversion method has a fixed conversion time?

47868. Which is a typical application of digital signal processing?

47869. If a DAC has a full-scale, or maximum, output of 12 V and accuracy of 0.1%, then the maximum error for any output voltage is ________.

47870. What do we call the manipulation of an analog signal in a digital domain?

47871. How are unwanted frequencies removed prior to digital conversion?

47872. Which type of programming is typically used for digital signal processors?

47873. Which of the following best defines Nyquist frequency?

47874. Which is not an A/D conversion error?

47875. Settling time is normally defined as the time it takes a DAC to settle within ________.

47876. Digital signal processors must be programmed to perform specific tasks.

47877. The flash method of analog-to-digital conversion uses comparators that compare reference voltages with the analog input voltage.

47878. Offset is the characteristic of a DAC defined by the absence of any incorrect step reversals.

47879. Digital filtering is faster than analog filtering.

47880. Successive-approximation is perhaps the most widely used method of A/D conversion.

47881. Digital signal processing must be at least half as fast as the incoming signal to be processed.

47882. The flash converter is the fastest analog-to-digital conversion method.

47883. The ADC0804 is an example of a successive-approximation ADC.

47884. Incorrect codes are a form of output error for a DAC.

47885. In a binary-weighted-input digital-to-analog converter, the values of the input resistors are chosen to be proportional to the binary weights of the corresponding input bits.

47886. An offset error in a DAC will show up as an incorrect analog output ________.

47887. An ADC that compares each bit, one at a time, with the input analog signal is a ________.

47888. A standard logic device can be connected on a bus system as an open-collector logic device by connecting each output to a ________.

47889. A monotonicity error in a DAC will show up as an incorrect analog output ________.

47890. Of the methods listed, the fastest A/D conversion is done by a ________.

47891. The principal advantage of the three-wire handshake on the GPIB is that it ________.

47892. An ADC that uses an up/down counter (and other devices) to follow changes in the input analog signal is a ________.

47893. The number of data lines on the GPIB is ________.

47894. The resolution of a DAC can be expressed as the ________.

47895. Assume that in a certain 4-bit weighted ladder DAC, the input representing the most significant bit is applied to a 20 k resistor. What is the size of the resistor that represents the least significant bit?

47896. In a flash analog-to-digital converter, the output of each comparator is connected to an input of a ________.

47897. Which term applies to the maintaining of a given signal level until the next sampling?

47898. An op-amp has very ________.

47899. For a 4-bit DAC, the least significant bit (LSB) is ________.

47900. The dual-slope analog-to-digital converter finds extensive use in ________.

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