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63901. Who is the author of “Babarnama”?

Answer: Babar

63902. Who is the inventor of Ship (Steam)?

Answer: J.C.Pierier

63903. Paper is chemically?

Answer: Cellulose.

63904. Who is the creator of the famous characters "Appukili; Ravi; Mollakka"?

Answer: OV.Vijayan

63905. Who is the author of “Gora”?

Answer: Rabindranath Tagore

63906. The Capital of Burundi?

Answer: Bujumbura

63907. The Japanese art of folding paper into decorative objects is called ?

Answer: Origami

63908. Government undertook the responsibility of education for the first time in Travancore by?

Answer: Rani Gauri Parvati Bhai in 1817

63909. Sumerian civilisation later came to be known as ?

Answer: Mesopotamian civilisation

63910. Price theory was developed by?

Answer: Marshall Ricardo; Pigau

63911. Lenin died in 21st January 1924 due to ?

Answer: Cerebral Stroke

63912. First person to reach the South Pole?

Answer: Amundsen

63913. In which year Nelson Mandela sworn in as the first black President of South Africa?

Answer: 1994

63914. Who is the author of “Glass Menagerie”?

Answer: Tennessee Williams

63915. Which is the world's busiest Airport in the world?

Answer: Chicago International Airport

63916. Who is the author of “ Algebra of Infinite Justice”?

Answer: Arundhati Roy

63917. Who is the author of “Big Egos; Small Men”?

Answer: Ram Jethmalani

63918. Which is a recently extinct bird from Mauritious?

Answer: Dodo

63919. Who is the author of Man eaters of Kumaon ?

Answer: Jim Corbett

63920. Who is the author of “Satyarath Prakash”?

Answer: Swami Dayanand

63921. Longest Epic?

Answer: Mahabharatha

63922. Who is the author of “Gotrayanam”?

Answer: Dr.Ayyappa Panicker.

63923. UN International Year of the Elderly or older persons was ?

Answer: 1999

63924. Who is the author of The Museum of Innocence?

Answer: Orhan Pamuk

63925. Wellington Trophy is associated with?

Answer: Rowing

63926. The importance of plant tissue and cell culture in isolation was first proposed by ......?

Answer: Gottlieb Haberlandt

63927. Who is the inventor of Washing Machine?

Answer: Hurley Machine Co.

63928. The scientific name of Squrrel is?

Answer: Funambulus penn anti

63929. Who is the author of “Nine Days Wonder”?

Answer: John Masefield

63930. Who said "To be; or not to be: that is the question"?

Answer: William Shakespeare

63931. Who is the author of “In Search of Gandhi”?

Answer: R i c h a r d Attenborough

63932. The amount of pollution in water is measured by ?

Answer: B.O.D( Biological Oxygen Demand)

63933. ROM stands for?

Answer: Read Only Memory

63934. Which place is known as Rajendra Chola Pattanam?

Answer: Vizhinjam

63935. Name the First known E. Paper in the world ?

Answer: The-Tbejith (from Belgium)

63936. Who is the author of “Saket Maithili”?

Answer: Sharan Gupt

63937. Which civilization was the first to use Phonetic writing ?

Answer: Egyptians

63938. Father of Antibiotics?

Answer: AlexanderFleming

63939. Who is the author of Essays of?

Answer: Elia Charles Lamb

63940. High Altitude research Laboratory is located at?

Answer: Gulmarg (Kashmir)

63941. Choice of Technique was written by ?

Answer: Amartya Sen

63942. Who is the author of “The Trail”?

Answer: Franz Kafka

63943. Who is the author of “Caesar and Cleopatra”?

Answer: George Bernard Shaw

63944. Who was the last Chief Minister of Travancore Cochin State?

Answer: Panampalli Govinda Menon

63945. www stands for?

Answer: World Wide Web

63946. Central Research Laboratory is located at?

Answer: Chepauk; Chennai (Tamil Nadu)

63947. Who is the author of Iron in the Soul?

Answer: Jean Paul Sartre

63948. Who is the author of “Tharishunilam”?

Answer: Madhavikutty (Kamala Surayya)

63949. First fully literate town in India was?

Answer: Kottayam

63950. Who is considered as the Father of Cartography?

Answer: Ptolemy
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