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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1017

50851. In a particular problem, which mode has the highest level of IDQ?

50852. Which diode(s) has (have) a zero level current and voltage drop in the ideal model?

50853. Determine Vo if E1 = E2 = 10 V.

50854. The output frequency of a half-wave rectifier is ________ the input frequency.

50855. A diode is in the "________" state if the current established by the applied sources is such that its direction matches that of the arrow in the diode symbol, and VD ≥ 0.7 V for Si and VD ≥ 0.3 V for Ge.

50856. Determine ID.

50857. Monetary Policy refers to the policy of?

50858. In a voltage-multiplier circuit, the number of diodes is directly proportional to the multiplicative voltage factor.

50859. Rectifiers are commonly used in battery chargers.

50860. List the categories of clippers.

50861. A silicon diode has a voltage to ground of –117 V from the anode. The voltage to ground from the cathode is –117.7 V. The diode is

50862. Which diode arrangement will supply a positive output voltage?

50863. Marco Simoncelli belongs to which of the following country?

50864. Determine the current through each diode if E1 = E2 = 0 V.

50865. Refer to the figure given below. If the voltmeter across the transformer reads 0 V, the probable trouble, if any, would be

50866. Determine the voltage across the resistor.

50867. With this Zener diode in its "on state," what is the level of IZ for the maximum load resistance?

50868. In a voltage regulator network with fixed RL and R, what element dictates the minimum level of source voltage?

50869. The load line is defined by the ________ and a characteristic curve is defined by the ________.

50870. The slope of the load line depends on the ________.

50871. The combination of a short circuit in series with an open circuit always results in a(n) ________ circuit.

50872. The quiescent point (Q-point) is defined by a(n) ________.

50873. A diode is in the ________ state if the current established by the applied sources is such that its direction matches that of the arrow in the diode symbol and VD > 0.7 V.

50874. The x-intercept of the load line with the characteristic curve is determined by the ________.

50875. A germanium diode is approximated by ________ equivalent for voltages less than 0.3 V.

50876. A clamping network must have ________.

50877. With the Zener diode in the "on" state, increasing IL will ________ IZ and ________IR.

50878. A Zener diode is in a ________ impedance region in the forward bias while it has a ________ impedance region in the reverse bias.

50879. The full-wave voltage doubler provides ________ filtering action than (as) the half-wave voltage doubler.

50880. Once the Zener diode is in the "on" state, VZ is always ________ VL.

50881. The absence of the Si or Ge and VD label on a diode denotes ________ notation.

50882. Zener diodes are used in regulator networks to ________.

50883. For the ideal diode the transition between states will occur at the point on the characteristic curve when VD = ________ V and ID = ________ A.

50884. In this voltage multiplier, measuring from the top of the transformer winding will provide ________ multiples of Vm at the output, whereas measuring the output voltage from the bottom of the transformer will provide ________ multiples of the peak Vm.

50885. For the "off" state of a Zener diode, the voltage across the diode should be ________.

50886. The intersection of the load line with the characteristic curve determines the ________ of the system.

50887. The dc voltage level of a silicon diode is ________ its ideal model.

50888. As the load resistor increases, the slope of the dc load line and the levels of diode current ________.

50889. The source voltage must be ________ the voltage drop across the diode to conduct the diode.

50890. The process of removing one-half the input signal to establish a dc level is called ________.

50891. The ratio of the total swing of the output of a clamper to its input total swing is ________.

50892. The PIV rating of the diodes in a full-wave rectifier must be larger than ________ Vm.

50893. In a half-wave voltage doubler, the voltage across output capacitor C2 drops across the load during the ________ half cycle and the capacitor is recharged up to ________ during the ________ half cycle.

50894. Voltage multipliers take a dc input voltage, and provide a dc output voltage at a multiple of the input.

50895. For a given input frequency, a half-wave rectifier is easier to filter than a full-wave rectifier.

50896. Ripple voltage is caused by the charging and discharging of the filter capacitor.

50897. For greatest reliability, and longest life, diodes should be operated at their maximum ratings.

50898. A diode conducts current when reverse-biased and blocks current when forward-biased.

50899. A single diode in a half-wave rectifier conducts for 180° of the input cycle.

50900. Diode limiters add a dc level to an ac signal.

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