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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1018

50901. In a diode clamper, the capacitor retains a charge approximately equal to the peak value of the input.

50902. VRRM is the same as PIV rating.

50903. The output voltage of a center-tapped full-wave rectifier equals the secondary output voltage.

50904. Determine the total discharge time for the capacitor in a clamper having C = 0.01 F and R = 500 k.

50905. Which element dictates the maximum level of source voltage?

50906. What type of diode circuit is used to clip off portions of signal voltages above or below certain levels?

50907. Each diode in a center-tapped full-wave rectifier is ________ -biased and conducts for ________ of the input cycle.

50908. What is the voltage measured from the negative terminal of C4 to the negative terminal of the transformer?

50909. A BJT is a ________-controlled device.

50910. Referring to this figure, calculate Av if rd = 19 k.

50911. A common-drain amplifier is similar in configuration to which BJT amplifier?

50912. Referring to this figure, calculate Av for yos = 58 S.

50913. Refer to this figure. If Vin = 1 V p-p, the output voltage Vout would be

50914. Use the following equation to calculate gm for a JFET having IDSS = 10 mA, VP = –5 V, and VGSQ = –2.5 V.

50915. For what value of ID is gm equal to 0.5 gm0?

50916. Refer to this figure. If Vin = 20 mV p-p what is the output voltage?

50917. Referring to the following figure, calculate gm for VGSQ = –1.25 V.

50918. Referring to this figure, calculate the value of RD if the ac gain is 10. Assume VGSQ = ¼Vp.

50919. Where do you get the level of gm and rd for an FET transistor?

50920. The class D amplifier uses what type of transistors?

50921. What is (are) the function(s) of the coupling capacitors C1 and C2 in an FET circuit?

50922. An FET is a ________-controlled device.

50923. What is the input resistance (Rin(source)) of a common-gate amplifier?

50924. There is a ________º phase inversion between gate and source in a source follower.

50925. Refer to this figure. If C4 opened, the signal voltage at the drain of Q1 would

50926. Referring to this figure, find Zo if yos = 20 S.

50927. Which of the following is a required condition to simplify the equations for Zo and Av for the self-bias configuration?

50928. The steeper the slope of the ID versus VGS curve, the ________ the level of gm.

50929. What is the typical value for the input impedance Zi for JFETs?

50930. MOSFETs make better power switches than BJTs because they have

50931. When VGS = 0.5 Vp gm is ________ the maximum value.

50932. MOSFET digital switching is used to produce which digital gates?

50933. Referring to the transfer characteristics shown below, calculate gm at VGSQ = –1 V.

50934. Which type of FETs can operate with a gate-to-source Q-point value of 0 V?

50935. On which of the following parameters does rd have no or little impact in a source-follower configuration?

50936. Refer to this figure. For midpoint biasing, ID would be

50937. Class D amplifiers differ from all other classes of amplifiers because

50938. Refer to this figure. If R7 were to decrease in value, Vout would

50939. Refer to this figure. If ID = 4 mA, find the value of VGS.

50940. Which FET amplifier(s) has (have) a phase inversion between input and output signals?

50941. What common factor determines the voltage gain and input resistance of a common-gate amplifier?

50942. Referring to the figure below, determine the output impedance for VGS = –3 V at VDS = 5 V.

50943. Referring to this figure, calculate Zo if rd = 19 k.

50944. Referring to this figure, calculate Zi if rd = 19 k.

50945. For the fixed-bias configuration, if ________.

50946. Referring to this figure, obtain gm for ID = 6 mA.

50947. Referring to this figure, calculate Zo for VGSQ = –3.2 V.

50948. The more horizontal the characteristic curves on the drain characteristics, the ________ the output impedance.

50949. Refer to this figure. If gm = 4000 mS and a signal of 75 mV rms is applied to the gate, calculate the p-p output voltage.

50950. Refer to this figure. The approximate value of Rin is

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