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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1168

58401. The essential condition for antenna array to be linear is that

58402. Directivity gain depends on

58403. The fluctuation in the received signal strength at the receiver of a random variation in the received signal is known as

58404. For an elliptically polarized wave incident on the interface of a dielectric at the Brewster angle the reflected wave will be

58405. The phase velocity in a transmission line is

58406. Which of the antenna is best excited by a waveguide?

58407. An end fire array consisting of several half-wave lengths of directive gain 40, then array length will be

58408. Loop antennas are mostly employed for direction finding (DF) purposes because they are small and hence portable.

58409. The troposphere extends from earth surface to a height of

58410. Antenna reciprocity is put to use in

58411. Which of the following events symbolished the fall the autocracy during the course of French revolution?

58412. For satellite communication, the frequency should be

58413. The velocity of electromagnetic wave in free space is given by

58414. When the phase velocity of an EM wave depends on frequency in any medium, the phenomenon is called

58415. A hertzian dipole has a radiation pattern with

58416. Circular polarized waves result when

58417. Permeance is analogue to

58418. Skip distance (D) is

58419. A very reliable service has to be established between two points on earth separated by 1000 km. The band that will be used as

58420. A rectangular waveguide (2.29 x 1.02) cm operates at a freq. of 11 GHz in TE10 mode. If the maximum potential gradient of the signal is 5 kV/cm, then the maximum power handling capacity of the waveguide will be

58421. A parabolic antenna produces a radiation pattern which is

58422. Considerable ionization occurs between the range

58423. Gain of isotropic antenna is

58424. Antenna is a __________ element

58425. Laplacian of a scalar function v is

58426. The numerical value of directive gain may lie between

58427. The wave propagation occurs without attenuation in case of a

58428. The RSA algorithm uses a ---------cryptography method

58429. A plane EM wave is travelling in an unbound loss less dielectric having μy = 1 and εy = 4, the time average Poynting vector of the wave is 5 W/m3 . The phase velocity vp (assuming velocity of light as 3 x 108 m/sec) is

58430. The phase velocity in a coaxial line is

58431. D-layer extends approximately from

58432. The ionosphere plays a significant role in radio wave propagation at

58433. Radiation resistance for wire antenna is

58434. After reflection from a plane conducting surface, the apparent velocity of electromagnetic wave becomes greater than the velocity of light in free space is called

58435. In a turnstile antenna the crossed dipoles are excited with voltages

58436. Directivity of antenna is defined as

58437. Consider the following; for a loss-less transmission line we can write, Zin = - jz0 for a shorted line with l = λ/8Zin = ± j ∞ for a shorted line with l = λ/4Zin= jz0 for an open line with l = λ/2Zin = 0 for a matched line of any length Select the correct answer using the codes given below codes.

58438. Strip lines are used at

58439. In end fire array the principle direction of radiation

58440. The gain of an half wavelength antenna is

58441. Which of the following does not characterize a ferromagnetic material?

58442. Solution of Laplace equations, which are continuous through the second derivative, are called

58443. The skip distance does not depends upon

58444. Which one of the following statement is correct?

58445. Frequency band used for radar is generally

58446. In case of antenna the lower value of Q indicates

58447. One volt equals

58448. Magnetic susceptibility of a medium is the ratio of

58449. In order to receive a vertically polarized wave, the conductor of the dipole should be mounted

58450. The ----------attack is related to confidentially

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