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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1167

58351. Power gain of antenna equals directive gain in VHF and UHF range if and only if efficiency of the antenna is

58352. Earlier name of Sulthan Batheri?

58353. For a plane good conductor, skin depth varies

58354. When a plane wave travelling in free space is incident normally on a medium having εr = 4.0, then fraction of power transmitted into the medium is given by

58355. For broadside array, maxima will be obtain at

58356. Surface impedance at high frequencies is a consideration for

58357. The unit of displacement density is

58358. Dish antennas are

58359. When microwave signals follow the curvature of the earth, this is known as

58360. Characteristic wave impedance is

58361. The attenuation factor a and phase shift factor β for a wave propagated in a good dielectric having are given by

58362. Consider isotropic radiator radiating a power of 1 watt. At a distance of 1 metre, the power per unit area with equal

58363. Cassegrain feed is used with a parabolic reflection to

58364. Consider an arbitrary distribution of conducting bodies in a charge free space according to the uniqueness theorem, which of following are required to be specified in order that the field is uniquely determined everywhere? Total charge on each conductorPotential at each conductor surfacePotential at same of conductor and total charge on the remainderTotal charge as well as potential gradient on each conductor surface Select the correct answer using the codes given below codes

58365. That is ......... utopian idea.?

58366. Which of the following is a better propagation mode to propagate television frequency modulation and radar signals?

58367. Antenna used for T.V. broadcasting is

58368. For a rectangular waveguide (a x b, a > b) to support only the TE10 mode at wavelength which one of the following pairs of in equalities is to be satisfied?

58369. Give one word for the following: To pull the strings means:?

58370. Transverse electric (TE) waves have

58371. For infinite value of SWR on a transmission line, the line be terminated with impedance as

58372. An electromagnetic wave incident on a perfect conductor is

58373. A time varying magnetic field produces

58374. An open coil has

58375. Antenna used for direction finding is

58376. In E plane metal plate lens antenna

58377. The disturbance from adjacent telephone line is known as

58378. The boundary conditions at the interface between two dielectrics in an electric field are given by

58379. The curve representing Ohm's law is

58380. When a plane wave is incident normally from dielectric '1' (μ0, ε1) onto dielectric '2' (μ0, ε2) the electric field of the transmitted wave is 2 times the electric field of the reflected wave. The ratio ε2/ε1 is

58381. The electric intensity for free space is given by

58382. Which of following antenna not produces circular polarisation?

58383. Purpose of antenna is

58384. MF is generally used for

58385. The attenuation in waveguides near the cut off frequency is

58386. The ground waves eventually disappear as one moves away from the transmitter because of

58387. The radiation resistance of a rod tubing antenna is

58388. Power gain of an antenna in a given direction is the ratio of

58389. The secondary lobes in binomial arrays can be reduced by

58390. ------is a process-to-process protocol that adds only port addresses,checksum,error control and length information to the data from the upper layer:

58391. The maximum effective aperture of a microwave antenna which has a directivity of 900, will be

58392. For a wave propagating in air filled rectangular waveguide.

58393. Which of following antenna produces elliptical polarisation?

58394. End fire coupler is formed

58395. Antenna radiation efficiency can be increased by

58396. Divergence of curl A is

58397. The only Muslim woman to sit on the throne of Delhi was?

58398. If reflection coefficient is 1/5, then corresponding VSWR is given by

58399. The characteristic impedance is given by

58400. Surface integral of the electric field intensity is

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