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58451. Reflectors and lens antennas are commonly used

58452. In case of concentric conductors of radius a and b the value of capacitance (C) is given by

58453. In a uniform linear array, four isotropic radiating elements are spaced λ/4 apart. The progressive phase shift between the elements required for forming the main beam at 60° off the end fire is

58454. When a coil consisting of single turn rotates at a uniform speed in a magnetic field, the induced e.m.f. is

58455. Short-circuited stubs are used, because open-circuited stubs are

58456. Directivity and beamwidth is related as

58457. An arrangement of several individual antennas to spaced and phased that their individual contributions combine in one preferred direction and cancel in all other directions, to get greater directive gain or directivity, is known as

58458. The complex Poynting vector for electromagnetic wave.

58459. 300 to 3000 MHz frequency is categorized as

58460. The gain of an antenna with a circular aperture of diameter 3 metres at a frequency of 5 GHz, will be

58461. The gain of a current element is

58462. Poynting theorem relates the electric intensity E, magnetic intensity H to the rate of energy flow per unit area at a point P as

58463. The absorption of EM wave by the atmosphere depends on

58464. The film ‘Elipathayam’ was directed by?

58465. ∇2 is

58466. End fire array has narrow bandwidth.

58467. Which of the following antenna is best guided by a waveguide?

58468. Poynting vector is the rate of energy flow having

58469. Refraction of electromagnetic waves occurs when they

58470. The impedance inversion may be objected with

58471. The force acting on a charge q moving with velocity in a region of electric field and magnetic field is

58472. An electromagnetic wave incidents on a perfect insulator at an angle. If the wave is not entirely parallel polarized, then

58473. Coaxial cables can be used for which frequency?

58474. In order to receive a vertical polarized wave, the conductor of the dipole should be mounted

58475. VSWR can have any value between

58476. The input impedance for folded dipole antenna (two half dipole) is

58477. Capacitance hats are installed on low frequency antenna is

58478. A ship-to-ship communication system is plagued by fading. The best solution seems to be the use of

58479. Which one of the following is not a correct Maxwell equation?

58480. If a wave is propagated in free space, it will be in nature of

58481. The cryptography method in which the plaintext BBBB become the ciphertext BCDE.This is probably

58482. When the height of a vertical earthed antenna is less than λ/4

58483. The following service is not provided by digital signature

58484. Which of the following is a circularly polarized antenna?

58485. ----------is a technique of temporarily removing inactive programs from the memory of computer system

58486. Television signals are propagated as ground waves.

58487. Fence register is used for

58488. The current distribution along a travelling wave antenna can be written in the form

58489. The -------clause is used to list the attributes desired in the result of a query

58490. The characteristic impedance of loss less transmission line is

58491. We express queries in QBE by

58492. For a hollow waveguide, the axial current must necessarily be

58493. ----------is a set of permitted values for each attribute

58494. Industrial heating furnaces such as arc and induction furnaces operate on __________ power factor

58495. Minimal super keys are called

58496. The magnetic field due to current I equals

58497. A relation is in-----every non-key attribute is irreducibly dependent on the primary key

58498. VLF is generally used for

58499. A statement that the system executes automatically when a database related event occurs

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