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58501. In electromagnetic wave polarization is caused by

58502. An index record appears for every search key value in the file

58503. In a rectangular waveguide if operating frequency is greater than cut off frequency then propagation constant is

58504. In hashing,we use the term to denote a unit of storage that can store one or more records.

58505. Isotropic radiator is one that radiates energy

58506. The number of transactions executed in a given amount of time is called

58507. The number of lobes on each side of a 31 resonant antenna will be

58508. ------------is a predicate expressing a condition that we wish the database always to satisfy

58509. Analysis of EM wave in waveguide based on

58510. A variation in the representation of the waterfall model is called

58511. The main difference between the broadside arrays and end fire arrays is that

58512. The most common manifestation of separation of software into separately named and addressable components is called

58513. The charges between a hollow and solid metal spheres reside

58514. ----------is an indication of the relative interdependence among modules

58515. Maximum usable frequency is [fmuf]

58516. The diagram which help you to determine the functionality and features of the software from the user’s perspective

58517. During day time ionosphere consist of

58518. -------testing is focuses on the functional requirements of the software.

58519. Divergence theorem relate surface integration with volume integration as

58520. The software metric that provides a quantitative measure of the logical complexity of a program

58521. To couple a coaxial line to a parallel wire line, it is best to use a

58522. ----is the most widely used strategy for statistical quality assurance in industry

58523. Which of the following is λ/2 length?

58524. ----------is an agile software development approach

58525. Which of the following is the main difference between waveguide and transmission line?

58526. ---------provides a notation that translates actions and conditions described in a use case into a tabular form

58527. ----------is a project scheduling method

58528. In a uniform plane wave E and H are related by

58529. The bus carries bits between

58530. The Gray code for the binary number’(101110)-(2)’is

58531. Antenna beamwidth is

58532. Simplify the expression AB+A(B+C)+B(B+C)using Boolean algebra techniques is

58533. The pure capacitor connected across an A.C. voltage consumed 20 W. This is due to

58534. How many 74154 4-line-to-16-line decoders are necessary to decode a six-bit binary number?

58535. A dominant wave is characterised by which of the following?

58536. The binary equivalent for the BCD number 10000101 is

58537. The cut off wavelength λc for TE20 mode for a standard rectangles waveguide is

58538. How many states are there in an eight-bit Johnson counter sequence?

58539. F2 layer of atmosphere extends from

58540. How many clock pulses are required to serially enter a byte of data into an eight-bit shift register?

58541. Whereas resonant antenna is bidirectional, non-resonant antenna is unidirectional.

58542. How many address bits are required for a 2048-bit memory?

58543. In radar system if the antenna diameter is increased by a factor of 4, the minimum range will increased by a factor of

58544. How many tracks are there on a typical 5Square root of 2’inch floppy disk?

58545. Which of the following antennas is λ /4 length?

58546. Visual cryptography is mainly used for

58547. Television receiver antenna is usually

58548. Whose words are these”No Caste.No Religio.No God for Human being’?

58549. In figure the current distribution is represented by

58550. Which Article of Constitution provide uniform civil code for the citizens?

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