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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1388

69401. Statements: Some spoons are bowls. All bowls are knives. All knives are forks. Conclusions: All spoons are forks. All bowls are forks. Some knives are bowls. Some forks are spoons.

69402. Statements: All pencils are birds. All birds are skies. All skies are hills. Conclusions: All pencils are hills. All hills are birds All skies are pencils. All birds are hills.

69403. 5n(25)n-1/(5n-1(25)n-1)= --------?

69404. Find the angle between the minute hand and the hour hand of a clock when the time is 20?

69405. If the progression 3,10,17,----------and 63,65,67,-------are such that their nth terms are equal,then the value of n is?

69406. How many three digit numbers are there in which all the digits are distinct?

69407. A number when divided by 342 gives a remainder When the same number is divided by 19,what should be the remainder?

69408. Statements: No tree is fruit. All fruits are stones. All stones are rains. Conclusions: No stone is tree. No rain is tree. Some rains are fruits. Some rains are trees.

69409. Statements: All players are spectators. Some spectators are theatres. Some theatres are dramas. Conclusions: Some dramas are spectators. Some players are dramas. Some theatres are players. All spectators are players.

69410. Statements: All doors are roads. No road is fruit. Some flowers are doors. Conclusions: Some fruits are doors. Some fruits are flowers. Some roads are flowers. No fruit is flower.

69411. Statements: All needles are threads. All threads are boxes. All trees are boxes. Conclusions: No needle is tree. Some trees are threads. Some boxes are needles. Some trees are needles.

69412. Statements: No house is school. All colleges are schools. All schools are teachers. Conclusions: No house is teacher. All colleges are teachers. Some teachers are not houses. No college is house.

69413. The angles of a triangle are in the ratio of 4:6:What is the value of the largest angle?

69414. The sum of numerator and denomination of a certain fraction is If one is added to the numerator,the value of fraction becomes ½,the fraction is-----------

69415. The speed of a car is twice that of truck.Both started from Palakkadu and reached at Salem.If the truck took 3 hours more than the car,what was the time taken by the truck to reach at Salem?

69416. A farmer has 50 kg wheat in hand,part of which he sells at 8% profit and the rest at 18% proft.He gains 14% altogether.What is the quantity of wheat sold by him at 18% profit?

69417. The sum of two numbers is If 5% of one number is equal to 5% of other,then one of the number is:

69418. Statements: Some pearls are stones. Some stones are diamonds. No diamond is a gem. Conclusions: Some gems are pearls. Some gems are diamonds. No gem is a diamond. No gem is a pearl.

69419. Statements: All rods are bricks. Some bricks are ropes. All ropes are doors. Conclusions: Some rods are doors. Some doors are bricks. Some rods are not doors. All doors are ropes.

69420. Statements: All myths are fictions. No fiction is novel. All novels are stories. Conclusions: No myth is novel. Some fictions are novels. Some fictions are myths. Some myths are novels.

69421. Statements: No paper is pen. No pen is pencil. All erasers are papers. Conclusions: Some papers are erasers. No pencil is eraser. No pen is eraser. All papers are erasers.

69422. Statements: No man is sky. No sky is road. Some men are roads. Conclusions: No road is man. No road is sky. Some skies are men. All roads are men.

69423. Weight of a cow and a buffalo are in the ratio of 4:Cow’s weight increases by 10% and the total weight of cow and buffalo together becomes 8 kg,with an increase of 15%.By what percent does the weight of the buffalo increase?

69424. If the radius of a cylinder is doubled and the height is halved,what is the ratio between the new volume and previous volume?

69425. How many days will be there from January 1992 to April 1992?

69426. Area of square field is one hectare.What is the length of the diagonal?

69427. A Chess board contains 64 equal square and the area of each square is 55 cmFind the length of one side of the chess board?

69428. Statements: All buildings are windows. No toys is building. Some tigers are toys. Conclusions: Some tigers are buildings. Some windows are tigers. All toys are tigers. Some windows are toys.

69429. Statements: Some papers are cats. All cats are bats. No bat is horse. Conclusions: Some papers are horses. No horse is cat. Some bats are papers. All papers are bats.

69430. Statements: Some tapes are discs. Some discs are cassettes. Some cassettes are songs. Conclusions: Some songs are discs. Some cassettes are tapes. Some songs are tapes. No song is a disc.

69431. Statements: No table is fruit. No fruit is window. All windows are chairs. Conclusions: No window is table. No chair is fruit. No chair is table. All chairs are windows.

69432. Statements: All jungles are buses. All books are buses. All fruits are books. Conclusions: Some fruits are jungles. Some buses are books. Some buses are jungles. All fruits are buses.

69433. In how many ways can 5 persons be seated around a circular table in a meeting?

69434. Father is 4 times as old as his son,in 30 years he will be only twice as old as his son.Then the present age of the father is-----

69435. The length of a rectangle is increased by 20%.What will be the percentage decrease in its breadth so as to have the same area:

69436. The average of 11 results is If the average of the first 6 result is 59 and that of the last six is 62,find the sixth result?

69437. Six bells commence tolling together at regular intervals of 3,6,9,12,15 and 18 seconds respectively.In 30 minutes,how many times,do they toll together?

69438. Statements: No women teacher can play. Some women teachers are athletes. Conclusions: Male athletes can play. Some athletes can play.

69439. Statements: All bags are cakes. All lamps are cakes. Conclusions: Some lamps are bags. No lamp is bag.

69440. Statements: All mangoes are golden in colour. No golden-coloured things are cheap. Conclusions: All mangoes are cheap. Golden-coloured mangoes are not cheap.

69441. Statements: Some kings are queens. All queens are beautiful. Conclusions: All kings are beautiful. All queens are kings.

69442. Statements: Some doctors are fools. Some fools are rich. Conclusions: Some doctors are rich Some rich are doctors.

69443. The average of the two digit numbers which remains the same when the digits interchange their positions.

69444. A school has only three classes comprised of 40,50 and 60 students respectively.In these classes,10%,20% and 10% students respectively passed in the examinations.What is the percentage of students passed in the examination from the entire school?

69445. The salary of a worker was first increased by 10% and thereafter decreased by 7%.What was the change in his salary?

69446. The sides of a triangle are in the ratio------:----------:------------.If the perimeter is 117 cm,find the length of the smallest side?

69447. Sasi and Soman agreed to do a work for Rs.Sasi alone can do it in 7 days and Soman alone in 8 days.With the help of another man they can finish the work in 3 days,then what amount does the man get?

69448. Who is the secretary?

69449. Who is the CEO ?

69450. What color is the vice president's car?

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