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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1576

78801. A disinfectant used on cattle barn and premises on outbreak of foot and mouth disease:

78802. Select the alternative which represents three out of the five alternative figures which when fitted into each other would form a equilateral triangle.

78803. Which of the following is a protozoan disease in poultry?

78804. The length of standing space required for an adult cattle:

78805. The minimum crude protein content of grade 1 compounded cattle feed as per BIS:

78806. The medium used to prepare the number mould in freeze branding is:

78807. The fodder grass that is suited for cultivation in water-logged areas:

78808. The chromosome number of goat is:

78809. An area accessible to younf ones and not to adults,to provide additional feed is called:

78810. The standard lactation length of a dairy cow is:

78811. Which of the following crop is popular for silage making?

78812. Select a figure from the given four alternatives which fits exactly into Figure-X to form a complete square.

78813. Which of the following is NOT a fat soluble vitamin:

78814. Polioencephalomalacia in ruminants is due to the deficiency of:

78815. The method of assessing the breeding value of an individual by evaluating the performance of the offsprings:

78816. The system of mating of animals which are more closely related than the average of the population from which they come:

78817. The average dry matter intake in goats:

78818. The temperature for UHT pasteurization is---------degree centigrade:

78819. Average birth weight of crossbred calf:

78820. The capacity of a cow to maintain high yields for a longer period is known as:

78821. The breed of buffalo with sickle shaped horns:

78822. Name identifying method in poultry:

78823. In good quality hay the moisture content is:

78824. A cattle breed with double dished face and fawn colour:

78825. The zoological classification of odd toed domestic animals:

78826. Name two important gases in biogas:

78827. A group of sheep is called:

78828. Most common identification method for pigs:

78829. Castrated male of goal

78830. Lyre-horn grey cattle groups

78831. One synthetic breed of cattle:

78832. Optimum body weight of crossbred heifers at the time of first mating:

78833. An example of dairy type Indian cattle from Gujarat:

78834. Which of the following exotic cattle breed was not used in the cross breeding programme in Kerala?

78835. Which of the following is a legume fodder?

78836. A female cattle above one year,which has not calved is called:

78837. The zoological name of the humped cattle is:

78838. The average gestation period in buffaloes in days:

78839. Which one is not correct in the case of marketing?

78840. Which one is not true in the case of “mail order business”?

78841. ------------------is an itinerant retailer.

78842. Choose the alternative which is closely resembles the water-image of the given combination.

78843. ”No bad debt”is not an advantage of:

78844. ECGC stands for:

78845. Which among the following is different from others?

78846. Which of the following is a micro marketing environment?

78847. ”Zoological parks are overcrowded on Sundays and holidays””Buses are overloaded in the morning and evening”A marketing strategy to shift or reduce these demand is called:

78848. Which of the following is not a marketing mix?

78849. ’Durable goods’ is:

78850. ”Price-Cut”technique is used at which stage of a product?

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