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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 170

8501. For gene probes to be useful they must

8502. A genomic library is

8503. Which of the following enzyme is used to covalently bond foreign DNA to a vector plasmid?

8504. Bacterial cells protect their own DNA from degradation by restriction endonucleases by

8505. Which type of restriction endonuclease cuts the DNA within the recognition site?

8506. The piece of equipment, that introduces DNA into cells via DNA-coated microprojectiles is known as

8507. An animal, that has gained new genetic information from the acquisition of foreign DNA, is considered as

8508. The advantage of using DNA polymerases from thermophilic organisms in PCR is that

8509. A molecular technique in which DNA sequences between two oligonucleotide primers can be amplified is known as

8510. The Southern blotting technique depends on

8511. Problems in obtaining large amounts of proteins encoded by recombinant genes can often be overcome by using

8512. Agrobacterium tumefaciens is

8513. In genetic engineering, a chimera is

8514. The Ajanta caves in Maharashtra dating from about 150 BC to AD 650, are the work of the

8515. After the success of our project we have been receiving more requests than we do not have the resources to handle them.

8516. Who was the first Chairman of the African Fund Committee?

8517. Name the capital of Nepal:

8518. Excessive alcoholic consumption causes:

8519. Which of the following have been used for cryo-preservation of germplasm with 90% tissue survival and 10%plant regeneration that are used in international exchange of germplasm?

8520. Establishment of embryogenic cell suspensions with high regeneration potential is a pre-requisite for successful

8521. Which of the following technique can be used to develop nematode resistant plants?

8522. Random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) is a method that

8523. Which of the following transfers a set of genes encoded in a region called T-DNA of the Ti-plasmid into cells at wound positions?

8524. Which of the following govern sporophytic self-incompatibility in Brassica?

8525. Commercial sugarcane is heterozygons with germplasm from

8526. The intervention in the communication system of nematodes offer several possibilities of bio control. Which of the following(s) play(s) a very important role in the host recognition?

8527. The hybrid embryo can be rescued from damage/collapse by growing it

8528. For increased level of mannitol in transgenic tobacco plants which of the following gene is transferred?

8529. Meristem culture of banana enables

8530. Wheat variety Rendezvous, with resistance to eye spot (Pseudo-cercosporella herpotrichoides) derived from Aegilops ventricosa, has a chloroplast genome derived from

8531. Human serum albumin in case of transgenic plant is secreted in

8532. Protoplast fusion technique generally involves

8533. Cytoplast (somatic cell hybridization) is the process in which

8534. Somaclonal variation method refers to

8535. α and β cyclo dextrins are produced by

8536. α and β cyclo dextrins are used for

8537. Microinjection technique of introducing NA is a

8538. MS medium, is found essential for initial morphogenesis of the immature embryos and to enhance callus development, when supplemented with

8539. Plant tissue culture technique is used to select somaclones that are

8540. Which of the following mutant/(s) has/have increased amount of lysine and/or methionine in corn seeds?

8541. Which of the following is the class of hybridization?

8542. Cultivated tomato species (Lycopersicon esculentum) is highly susceptible to

8543. In transgenic plants of Arabidipsis thaliana which of the following gene is transferred for the synthesis of PHB (polyhdroxybutyrate)?

8544. Cultivated tomato species (Lycopersicon esculentum) has a high degree of resistance towards

8545. When the transposon jumps into an otherwise functional gene, it has the effect of

8546. Which of the following constituent/(s) is/are added to help in speedy generation of meristem culture in case of Ipomoea batatas improvement?

8547. cDNA clone prepared to stigma mRNA of Brassica oleracea can be used as a probe on DNA digests of segregating populations to recognize

8548. Which of the following has been confirmed on sugarcane genotypes?

8549. Involvement of sugarcane phytoalexins in red-hot resistance has been observed. The phytoalexin compound is reported to be

8550. Human serum albumin has been synthesized by

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