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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2135

106751. In the given code language, what does the code nd stand for

106752. What is the code for mind in the given code language

106753. What is the code for follow in the given code language

106754. Statements : All reason are winters. Some winters are autumns. All autumns are falls. Conclusions : I. At least some falls are winters. II. At least some autumns are seasons.

106755. Statements : Some calculators are machines. No calculator is a phone. Conclusions : I. Some machines are phones. II. No machine is a phone.

106756. Statements : No ground is a soil. All soils are basins. Some basins are deltas. Conclusions : I. At least some soils are deltas. II. All basins are soils.

106757. Statements : All policies are decisions. No decision is a verdict. No verdict is a result. Conclusions : I. All results being policies is a possibility. II. No verdict is a policy.

106758. Statements : No ground is a soil. All soils are basins. Some basins are deltas. Conclusions : I. No delta is a soil. II. Some grounds being deltas is a possibility.

106759. What is the position of C with respect to B

106760. Four of the following five are alike in a certain way based on the given arrangement and hence form a group. Which is the one that does not belong to the group

106761. Which of the following does not cross blood brain barrier?

106762. Who amongst the following is facing A

106763. Which of the following statements is TRUE regarding O

106764. Statement : C H O K = E D Conclusions : I. O D II. E C

106765. Statements : B L A = M E S L W J Conclusions : I. J M II. J = M

106766. Statements : B L A = M E S L W J Conclusions : I. L S II. E W

106767. Statements :C R E A = M Y E Conclusions : I. M R II. Y A

106768. How is Y related to T

106769. How is J related to Q

106770. find the value of: (1-⅓)(1-)..(1-1/n)

106771. Question 10

106772. Question 9

106773. Question 8

106774. Question 7

106775. Question 6

106776. Question 5

106777. Question 4

106778. Question 3

106779. Question 2

106780. Question 1

106781. a dialogue writer to the most sought after screenplay and scriptwriter, he has come a long

106782. Corporate mentorship programmes and earn-and-learn vocational schemes can..more Indian women to.the workforce.

106783. The actressat the manner in which such despicable social customsto thrive in the society.

106784. Though, the city routinely receivesfor its traffic issues, ranging from the never-ending queues at the toll booth to the rush-hour jams, it seems to be serious about doing its to solve this problem.

106785. While there products, which.from ethical to humorous, may vary, theyre all giving the discerning Indian shopper a greatto foreign footwear.

106786. Dissatisfaction levels among employees /(1) have increased /(2) since 2009 when /(3) the economic slowdown set upon. (4) No error (5)

106787. During planning your /(1) investments , you must /(2) guard against becoming /(3) too conservative (4) No error (5)

106788. Officials in Las Vegas are /(1) harnessing the power /(2) of the sun to lit /(3) the citys iconic welcome sign. (4) No error (5)

106789. Sukesh, who was born on /(1) the marinas shore, says /(2) he can judge the depth /(3) of water by its colour. (4) No error (5)

106790. People enthusiastically participated/(1) in the Run for Ganga programme organized to creating /(2) awareness about the need /(3) for a pollution free river. (4) No error (5)

106791. Forecasters are confident that /(1) a hurricane, packed with wind speeds /(2) nearing 100 miles per hour, will hit /(3) the city from Monday morning. (4) No error (5)

106792. Some of us are afraid of the dark /(1) while others dread high altitudes /(2) and there is usually /(3) a genuine reason behind it. (4) No error (5)

106793. A compound found in /(1) chocolate and red wine maybe guard /(2) people against /(3) the risk of diabetes. (4) No error (5)

106794. The usage of the term recession /(1)has never been so common /(2) as it has been /(3) in the past few months. (4) No error (5)

106795. Indias largest passenger/(1) carrier slashed its fares/(2) by 50 percent for a 30-day /(3)advance purchase made on its website. (4) No error (5)

106796. Whether it is familial and societal expectations, inflexible organizations or the sheer lack of suitable employment, it has become extremely challenging for women to remain in the workforce.

106797. In a candid conversion he talks about his journey as a writer and why he prefers for write for characters and not for himself.

106798. How can one begin towards addressing these challenging facts ?

106799. The unhurried tone of his voice is reflecting the philosophical nature of the dialogues he wrote for the four films he had made.

106800. In a bid to stimulate demand during the lean travel season that has now set in most Indian airlines have slashed fares by up to half.

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