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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 234

11701. In which year the capital of India was shifted from Calcutta to Delhi by Britishers?

11702. ‘Swaraj is my birth right and I shall have it.’ Who among the following said this?

11703. Which one of the following Fundamental Right can’t be suspended even during the emergency?

11704. The name of the Committee to enquire into the ‘Jalianwala Bag’ massacre was?

11705. The ‘Mopala’ revolt of 1921 took place in?

11706. Who among the following pleaded ‘Indian National Army’ case at ‘Red Fort’?

11707. Open market operations are a part of?

11708. NABARD is?

11709. Fiscal Policy is concerned with?.

11710. Who of the following did form the ‘Home Rule Society’ in England for revolutionary activities?

11711. One among the following is not a Central Government tax.

11712. One among the following is the Chairman of the 13th Finance Commission.

11713. Bharat Nirman Yojana is associated with the development of?

11714. Foreign Exchange Reserves of India are kept in the custody of?

11715. The agency estimating the National Income of India is?

11716. The largest Dam in India is?

11717. What is the common name of Deuterium Oxide?

11718. In which State of India Nathula Pass is located?

11719. How many diagonals can be drawn in a Pantagon?

11720. Which of the following is not a fruit?

11721. Haemoglobin contains?

11722. Which blood group is considered as universal donor?

11723. In which country Copenhagen talks for climate summit was held in 2009?

11724. Ascorbic add is?

11725. Which compound is used as a refrigerant?

11726. Sound waves do not travel in?

11727. Keep your hand on the wound............the nurse asks you to take it off

11728. Tom should work hard, and so ....................Fred.

11729. One of my friends .................. passed the examination.

11730. If a doctor gives you 5 pills and told you to take them after every five hours. How long would you take to finish them?

11731. Give one word of the following Habit of saying in many words what can be said in few words

11732. "Foal" is the young one of

11733. I met him................year ago.

11734. I shouldn’t have lost my temper, ................?

11735. What is a person called when he is ‘recovering from an illness’?

11736. The line spectrum observed in the visible region of hydrogen atom is named as?

11737. Diabetic patients are deficient in the production of?

11738. "SARDONIC"" means

11739. The intensity of an earthquake is measured with a?

11740. If pressure at a certain depth in sea water is P1 and at the same depth in river water is P2 then—

11741. Which of the following radiations has shortest wavelength?

11742. They went to London by...........plane.

11743. Ice bags float in water because density of ice is?

11744. It is better to________in hell.

11745. Ramu............. a snake yesterday evening

11746. Brass is an alloy that is made up of?

11747. The form of nitrogen absorbed by plant is?

11748. Animal with longest life is?

11749. Arjuna Award winner Saina Nehwal is associated with which game?

11750. Santosh Trophy is related to which game?

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