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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2821

141051. 1 cube+2 cube+3 cube+4 cube=…………..

141052. ABC,BDF,CFI,DHL,………………

141053. 3raise to n=Then 3 square root of 3 raise to n-1=……………….

141054. The smallest among 7/10,2/3,4/8/11 is…………..


141056. Square root of 3025

141057. Unscramble the letters in the following words and find the odd one out.

141058. 1/5+2 2/5+3 3/5+4 4/5=…………….

141059. In an office ,there are 4800 employees if 3200 of them are male,then what is ratio of the male employees to female?

141060. The enrolment of students in a school decreases from 800 to What is the percentage of decrease?

141061. A bicycle is sold for Rs.1800 at a loss of 10%.What is the cost price?

141062. When a number is divided by 3,the quotient is What is the number?

141063. Winner of Nobel Peace Prize in 2010

141064. The designer of the new unique symbol for Indian rupee:

141065. Under the Right to Information Act the maximum penalty that can be imposed on an officer who fails to supply the information sought for is rupees

141066. The Winner of Indonesia Open Super Series 2010

141067. Head Quarters of Air India Express:

141068. The nuclear submarine that is being built for Indian Navy:

141069. According to the Women’s Reservation Bill 2008 passed by the Rajya Sabha the percentage of the seats in the Lok Sabha and State Assembly earmarked for women.

141070. The country that is reffered to as the eighth continent because of its bio-diversity from the rest of the world:

141071. The total number of members of the U.N at the end of

141072. A country in which the large hadron Collider is partially situated:

141073. The chemical that is found in the largest quantity in the sun:

141074. The year in which the Kyoto Protocol was adopted:

141075. A disease that does not fall into the category of life-style disease:

141076. When was the Indian constitution finally adopted?

141077. The foreign power that was defeated in the battle of Kulachal in 1741

141078. The winner of Kendra Sahitya Academy Award in 2010?

141079. May 5 is associated with

141080. First Indian to go to space:

141081. Brahmos missile is being manufactured in collaboration with:

141082. When was Chandrayan-1 launched?

141083. The museum at VSSC,Thumba is housed in a building that was once a:

141084. Interest for money in the S.A/c is calculated today on a :

141085. A person who is famous for his population theory:

141086. The player who was the partner of Leander paes to win Australian Open and Wimbledon mixed doubles:

141087. The FIFA World Cup 2010 was won by:

141088. Wyndham Championship is associated with:

141089. A Keralite who won medals both at Asian Games and the Commonwealth Games 2010?

141090. A mineral that is found in Kerala and that could be fuel for the next generation Nuclear Power Plants.

141091. The film that bagged the Oscar Award for the best film in 2010?

141092. The author of’The White Tiger’?

141093. The player Viswanathan Anand defeated……….at Sofia to win his 4th Championship Title.

141094. The National High Way that connects Kozhikode and Wayanad?

141095. The country against which Sachin Tendulkar scored his 50th test Century.

141096. Quit India Movement was started in:

141097. Guruvayoor Sathyagraha was in:

141098. A river that originates in Kerala and is a tributary of Kaveri.

141099. The length of the Kerala’s uninterrupted inland navigation system:

141100. The first Non-Aligned Conference was held at:

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